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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Michael Barnitt

I am happy to find you guys, it looks like an interesting site. I'll be glad to answer any sound questions you might have.

Carl Thelin

Laura Kissel encouraged me to sign up. I'm a Shanghai-based Shooter-Director, working on a hodgepodge of documentaries, TV commercials, and corporate image films.

Thomas Rigler

Hi, Marj Safinia encouraged me to join...
I'm a TV and new media producer with strong ties to the documentary community and serve on the board of the IDA. Just helped rebuild there.

Doug Block

Welcome Carl and Thomas, but you're only halfway there. Feel free to sign up for full membership to get access to all of our discussion topics.

Anita Womack-Weidner


I'm Anita Womack, a documentary producer in Brooklyn, NY. I heard about you guys from Doculink.

Rob Jackson

I'm Rob Jackson and I've been bitten by the documentary bug. My first and only project to date is "Tracking Patagonia," a doc shot in Patagonia that is currently in post-production (I'm associate producer and co-cinematographer.) To keep it short, I'm here to learn, share and be an active part of the documentary world! Looking forward to it...!

Jennie Stenhouse

Hi Everyone My name is Jennie Stenhouse and all though I come from a Computer science background I have found my self and my calling in documentary film. I am currently working my first job in the industry as an editor, camera chick and production assistant but long to do my own films ( I have a couple of my own projects i am tinkering away on ) . I found the sight through docu-link I to am looking forward to learning sharing and being an active member of the community.

Nilankur Das

Hello, this is nilankur, work in a new media studio We provide online space to showcase, promote and cross pollinate ideas of film makers of SE Asia, Middle East and Africa. Hope to have a meaningful alliance with like minded friends/Film Makers.