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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Evan Schlossberg

D'oh! Sorry about the typo Mr. Kempas. And yes it was rough suffering under our friend Thom's vicious whip all semester so thanks for the sympathy Doug.

And thank you both for the welcome!

Ben Kempas

I forgive you. I don't know what it is, people either make me a "Kampas" or "Kempers". But somehow they never make me "Kampers". :-)

Yixi Villar

Hello everyone.. My name is Yixi Villar and my partner and I are looking to fund our documentary, "Life In The Balance" . It highlights the work of two cutting edge doctors and their patients. These doctros are changing the face of cancer treatment in America, they are saving the lives of people who have been sent home to die at the hands of doctors from some of the leading cancer centers in America.   
We are looking to raise $100,000. For a number of the grants out there we need to have a non-profit status, does anyone know of any grants that don't have that criteria?
Please help, Thank you

Marj Safinia

Yixi, welcome. The traditional workaround is to find a fiscal sponsor, an organization that has non-profit 501(c)3 status that agrees to collect funds you raise in exchange for a percentage that they take for themselves. This allows you to pursue grants that require non-profit status, usually for about 5%-6% of what you raise. There are a number of organization that offer it, include the IDA or Public Media Inc. or IFP New York

Laura Kissel

Hello out there,

I'm currently living in Shanghai, China and at work on a documentary about cotton and globalization. I'd like to meet any D-word folks and documentary filmmakers who are living/working in Shanghai or nearby provinces (Chinese or expats of all stripes). I'm building up my network here and would like to know more filmmakers, film venues, etc.

Doug Block

Welcome, Laura. I have a good friend (she's Chinese) doing doc work but she's in Beijing, so not sure if that's helpful. If you want to get in touch anyway we can take this to email.

Anne Goodfriend

Hi I am a young filmmaker; new on the scene and looking to investigate these types of community sites as an outlet for... anything really. Just want to gain experience and learn from others...

Doug Block

Glad you discovered us, Anne. Great to have you here.