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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Sergio Anton Poggio

Hi all, I'm a sometime filmmaker from Gibraltar, now languishing in the World of Extreme Sports, based in Munich...pays the bills though huh!

Doug Block

Ah, Munich... perhaps then you know Munich's most famous online export, Mr. Ben Kempas? If not, you'll meet him here soon enough. And welcome to The D-Word, Sergio, where we languish 24/7.

Ben Kempas

Doug, stop it...

Sergio, a big welcome from Munich to Glonn! How did you end up there?`:-)

Heidi Gronauer

Theatre- Music- and Filmenthusiast, in the hands of ZeLIG School for Documentary (Italy) since nearly 20 years and running ESoDoc – European Social Documentary (Media-Training-Initiative) creating Productive synergies between NGOs, documenary filmmakers and New Media people. Future of audiovisual production is our (practical) focus.

Amy Duzinski Janes

Hi All!
I am very excited to be here today! A friend of mine told me about this wonderful site yesterday. While I have heard bits and bobs about it, I am pleased I took the time today to say hello. Documentary filmmaking is my passion. I majored in film studies at the University of Boulder where I made my first doc, Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. It is fun to look back and laugh now:). Most recently I produced a documentary that opens in theaters next month called As Seen Through These Eyes, on the surviving art and artists of the Holocaust.
Also, I am currently circulating a short film called Kaziah the Goat Woman on the festival circuit, which I directed and edited.
Finally, you can find my thoughts in the form of a blog on
Thank you for all your hard work putting this together!

Christopher Wong

welcome Amy! one of the editors (Zeb Smith) you worked with on AS SEEN THROUGH THESE EYES was the editor for my film. he doesn't post here very often, but he speaks very highly of your work.

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