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Julie Siegel

The Los Angeles Film Festival showcases the best of American and international cinema. Drawing an enthusiastic audience of over 85,000, the Festival provides films with the opportunity to be embraced by the public and discovered by the industry.

More than 100 feature films—narrative and documentary—are featured in the Festival, alongside gala premieres, panels and seminars, short film programs, music video showcases, archival presentations, and more. The Festival is also a qualifying festival for Film Independent’s Spirit Awards and the Narrative and Animated Short Film categories of the Academy Awards.

Doug Block

As much as we admire and respect the LA Film Festival, we don't recognize organizations as members here. So come out come out whoever you are (as an individual, that is). And welcome, Ryan. Feel free to apply for full membership

John Burgan

[Julie has agreed to modify her profile so it displays her name]

Doug Block

Good, then welcome, Julie. Now we just ask that you don't double post. As you'll find out, The D-Word is much more about conversation than promotion.

Andrew Moody

Hello everyone,

My name is Andy, and I am a first time film maker. I am co-directing a non-profit documentary project with Jamie Pearce, entitled Breaking the Silence [working title]. This film works to expose over a decade of Genocide of Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China under the Communist regime. It has been running for around three years now, and is coming towards the end of production. We are working with Kevin Macdonald (Director: One Day in September, Touching the Void) as our Executive Producer, with Ben Lester (Assistant Editor: Touching the Void) as our Consulting Editor. We need as much support as possible, so it is wonderful to become a member of D-Word, and get to speak to you all. If you would like to know more, or can share advice or insights, then please don't hesitate!

Kindest regards.

Lisa Alonso Vear

Hello all,

I recently joined the D-word and I'm excited to be apart of this online community. I'm currently producing/directing a documentary entitled Cloak & Hacker: Realities in a Virtual World. We're examining the magnitude technology has taken a hold of America and hoping to enlighten the public of the dangers associated with it.

I've worked on docs before but I'm finally producing my own work. It's similar to being a parent (from what I'm told), you never know what it's like and how much is involved until you have your own.

I'm looking forward to sharing and discussing experiences and industry issues!

Doug Block

Good to have you both with us here. Welcome aboard.

Landon Van Soest

Hello everyone. My name is Landon, I'm a doc maker/shooter/editor based in New York. I am currently finishing up my second full-length film 'Good Fortune' (almost 4 years in the making!) about the unintended consequences of foreign aid to Africa. I've received a tremendous amount of support from the documentary community over the years, so I'm really thrilled to join you all here. I also run a small filmmaker group in Brooklyn based on weekly peer workshops (, so any Brooklyn or NYC filmmakers please get in touch!