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Ben Kempas

Welcome, Andrew. Make sure to apply for full membership. It's free but not automatic.

John Aldrich

Hi All – My name is John Aldrich, and I'm a producer/editor/shooter, currently working on a series for Nat Geo Music called 'Geo Sessions.'

I studied film at the University of Texas and got a Master's in Doc Filmmaking at the Documentary Institute at the University of Florida.

I've been at National Geographic for five years and counting, and am in my 3rd season (45 epis and counting) with Geo Sessions, which is a very basic interview and performance show (but a lot of fun to do). We've done shows with a really wide variety of artists – Ben Harper, Habib Koite, Gogol Bordello, Blind Boys of Alabama, MV Bill... the list goes on. It currently airs on Nat Geo Music (and sometimes the Int'l Channel) in parts of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America... but no US or UK carriage yet.

I'm also currently at work with fellow D-Word member Jason Osder on a doc called 'Let The Fire Burn' and last year was the Senior Producer/Online Editor for a film we did at Nat Geo entitled 'His Holiness the Dalai Lama Speaks: Peace and Prosperity,' which was at TriBeca and Telluride.

Glad to be on the 'boards!



Taylor Jon Gentry

hello, my name is Taylor Gentry. I am a full time DP and part time documentary film-maker. In 2007, I shot my first feature length doc, The Greening of Southie. This film aired on the Sundance Channel in March of 2008, and is still playing on Starz doc I've heard. I got hooked up with the production team after interning for them on the feature-length, doc King Corn. I have recently set up shop in Brooklyn and have been shooting a variety of things, both fiction and non. I am also psyched to be behind the camera on the next film in production by Wicked Delicate called The City Dark – I look forward to connecting with other documentary film makers out there.


Riley Morton

sounds like a cool show, John.
so you work in house for NGTandF? what percentage of the shows on natgeo channel would you say are produced in house VS a coproduction?

Felix Endara

Hey Taylor,

Wicked Delicate does great work--and kudos for the camerawork on THE CITY DARK. I saw a trailer for it at Independent Film Week back in September. It looks fantastic and I can't wait to see the completed film.

Pamela Harris

I am a documentary filmmaker and media professional. My principal engagement right now is as a program director with a media funder affinity group called Grantmakers in Film + Electronic Media ( We are preparing to launch an online media database, which we hope will be of service to media makers, advocates and funders alike. If all goes well, I hope to be able to share more details about this public interest initiative (which is free) late next week.

Charles M Clemmons

Hi Doug. I met you with Peter yesterday at the Jacob Burns Center's Open House. I am an Independent filmmaker, specializing in documentary films and videos for both broadcast television and non-broadcast. My latest project of significance was a historical documentary on the Pequot War of 1636-1637, for which I was co-producer, co-director, and co-writer with Guy Perrotta. I also was co-cinematographer (parts were shot on 16mm film), videographer, and editor. Entitled "Mystic Voices: The Story of the Pequot War", the film received two 2004 Emmy® Awards from The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for Best Documentary and Best Writing. I also was co-nominee with Gary Maynard for Outstanding Achievement in Videography/Cinematography. The film, which received the IDA/Kodak Project Access Grant, currently is in national distribution through American Public Television and The Cinema Guild.

I also have produced other documentary programs for local public television stations, including "The Eleventh North Texas Irish Festival", "The Thirteenth North Texas Irish Festival", and "River Lab: Environmental Awareness for All Seasons", a documentary on a grassroots environmental education program in Connecticut.

Doug Block

Hey there, Charles. Good to meet you again online. And happy to have you aboard. Greetings to Pamela, as well.

Ryan Polomski


My name is Ryan Polomski and I am a documentary filmmaker from Austin, Texas. Recently arrived to California and interested in making contacts in the area. I've produced/directed a feature documentary that premiered at SXSW called "State vs Reed" about a man on death row, as well as two travel pieces (one in Guatemala "Hecho A Mano: Tres Historias de Guatemala" and one in Turkey, as well as numerous 1/2 pieces for a regional network in Central Texas. I have photography credits through the Sundance Channel, Atlantic Records; producing/editing credits at the New York Times. Would ideally like to pitch varying ideas here in LA to produce and direct, but would be excited to work on any interesting project or company in a different capacity (editor/shooter/PA/writer/researcher). Specially interested in short form web-based non-fiction series. I'll leave my number in case anyone has immediate interest or advice. 512-417-2685