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Dominic Proccacino
My two points below relate to the Sept 11, 2001 World Trade Center disaster.

(1) Introduction: I was kicked out of the Reed College Alumni Web Conference following the World Trade Center incident of 9/11/2001. Some objected to my posting "Reed:89.6716", maybe someone thought (secretly) that I would fan the flames of animosity against New York City. I tried to rephrase that posting in "Terrorism:8.941", the Cafe Utne Terrorism conference. One of the hosts of the Reed Conference told me that he would "maybe" let me back in after New Years, 2002, but (so far) he hasn't let me back in. I took advice in Reed's "Conference Housekeeping" topic to visit this D-Word Conference instead. Very few Reed Alumni will read me here, sad to say.

(2) Documentary: I was in Connecticut on 9/11/2001. Shortly after the WTC disaster, I saw a documentary film on Connecticut Public Television. Earlier that year I had heard the broadcast of Ken Burn's Jazz documentary on Miami, Florida's WDNA-FM radio, but CPTV showed a portion of a documentary about New York City by a different Burns. I saw portions of the show dealing with the construction of the Chrysler building and the Empire State Building. Can anyone tell me:

  • What is the full name of the Burns who made the documentary about New York City?
  • How many episodes did I miss?

  • Dom Proccacino
    To Ben Kempas: click upon the "(dcp)" next to my name in LINK NOT IMPORTED
    (above) and follow the links to my rough-draft autobiography. It
    would make a nice documentary film (even though I have accomplished
    nothing in my life) because of all the interesting things that were
    going on in the background.

    To Robert Goodman: Thank you for the information.

    To All: when I tried to change my e-mail from
    to, I got locked out of cafe utne, and I
    had to register again using a slightly different user id. It rhymes
    with C3PO, but eho was C3PO?
    Deleted User
    I am very happy to have found this website...I am a lover of
    documentaries and would love to work on them full time, however, not
    sure how to break into the BIZ...still happy to be here....
    Doug Block
    Nice to have you here, Jennifer. Welcome.

    How to break into the biz. Phew. There's film school. There's
    interning. There's marrying a wonderfully rich and supportive fella.
    And then there's going out, buying a digital camcorder and JUST DOING

    Just don't expect to make a living at it :-)
    Deleted User
    Okay don't expect to make a living at it just yet...well I have a
    Master's in English and teach full time at a junior mind is
    ripe with things I could document, am dying to, but who where do I
    connect with to get my things shown or funded? All that I am very no-
    knowledge on....
    Doug Block
    Jennifer, read up on grants for docmakers. Going the grant route is
    probably best for first-timers if you have a social issue your
    exploring. Otherwise, you probably have to get it off the ground out
    of your own pocket.
    Joel Bach
    Hello everybody,
    My dear friend Sarah George, who some of you know, finally kicked me in
    the butt hard enough to get me involved in The D-Word, and I'm glad she
    did. This looks like quite an interesting place to convene, share
    ideas, collaborate, commiserate.
    I'm a TV doc producer living in New York. Recently, my company, which
    was contracted by MSNBC to produce bios and specials, let go 95% of its
    employees, including myself. So I join the ranks of the unemployed.
    I look forward to seeing what y'all are up to.
    Joel Bach
    Doug Block
    Hey Joel, I think you meant to post this in the private D-Word
    Community. To do that, go to and click on "members
    Doug Block
    Doesn't mean it isn't nice to have you here, too :-)
    Robert Goodman
    yes - this space needs some activity too. Perhaps a billboard on the
    Robert Goodman
    sure thing. A private conversation in the public forum.

    So - SPC is even slower to make decisions than I'd heard. Two weeks
    and counting to schedule a screening.

    I'm going to be in NY on 5/18 for WIF chapter - doing a moderator
    Deleted User
    Just signing on. Michelle Byrd, Exec Director, IFP/New York. Looking
    forward to joining the group.
    Doug Block
    Glad you were able to navigate your way in here, Michelle. We're
    simplifying the registration process and should have it up and running
    by Thursday when the Virtual Doc Conference press release goes out.
    Folks will just need to go to:
    Jayasri (Joyce) Hart
    Hi, fellow documentarians!

    This is one of the best things the International Documentary
    Association got me into. I signed up for the International Marketing
    of Docs cyber-conference at the end of the month, but am going to be
    staying on, I think. Some will recognize my first name as being from
    India; the second was acquired through marriage--which brought me to
    Los Angeles. For those who want to know more, let me include my
    website URL.

    Expect to run into some old friends and make some new ones!
    Doug Block
    Hi Jayasri, thanks for posting. I'd welcome you, and any other
    documentary professionals to join our private D-Word Community. For
    more info, go to:
    David Brown
    Hi folks, I just joined. I'm a docmaker from San Francisco who's
    been producing and directing social and environmental issue docs since
    1971. I also teach documentary filmmaking at City College of San
    Francisco. My most recent doc, SURFING FOR LIFE, profiles older
    surfers in their 70s, 80s and 90s. You can check our web site at I look forward to being in touch and learning
    from y'all (Texas friends). Kindly, David L.
    Doug Block
    Welcome, David. Feel free to fill out a Personal Profile so we can
    find out more about you and your work (by clicking on your username).
    To do so, click on the Settings button at the top right of the page.
    Deleted User
    I need support ,sales ideas and possible collaboration to
    complete a documentary which is on its way already.
    Let me introduce you to my project.:

    MOONWATCHER - The Documentary
    MOONWATCHER is a 90-minute documentary made for
    theatrical release and adapted for the television format.
    Space. Time. Nature. Technology. Art. Destiny…
    After four painstaking years of production, Stanley Kubrick’s
    "2001, A Space Odyssey" finally hit the screen in April 1968. This
    extraordinary spell-binding tale of human evolution and destiny
    evokes the great mystery of mankind’s existential search, and
    his ultimate quest for self-realization.
    2001’s ‘Dawn-of-Man sequence’, featured the alpha-ape
    character of "Moonwatcher", the creation of performer/artist, Dan
    Richter, "Moonwatcher" and his tribe are doomed to extinction.
    Then, he picks up a bone, uses it as a tool and ultimately crafts it
    into a weapon of destruction.
    The pivotal sequence remains one of the most lurid and
    provoking visual metaphors in cinematic history.
    Artist Dan Richter collaborated with some of the most influential
    and creative minds of the day. Andy Warhol, Arthur C. Clarke,
    John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Allen Ginsberg and Kubrick himself
    were among his peer group. These writers, artists and
    performers used their art as a vehicle to strike at the very core of
    the status quo.
    In MOONWATCHER Dan Richter plays host to a vibrant
    examination of the post-world war years of the 1960’s, the age of
    radical query, and the role of artists in stretching accepted
    paradigms that challenged and transformed ideas, we travel
    through the decades of discovery, pop culture, space travel,
    globalization of corporate monoliths, capitalism, consumerism
    and the vanished enemies behind the iron curtain.
    Re-think the human condition as you are invited into the
    nature-drenched environment of science fiction author Arthur C.
    Clarke and the urban world of avant garde artist and musician,
    Yoko Ono.
    MOONWATCHER - The Documentary, explores the artistic legacy
    of Kubrick’s profound commentary, and of those artists whose
    creative output defined their generation and future perspectives.
    As the catalysts for true examination their expressions reveal
    profound insights as to our ultimate purpose on earth.
    Hans Pfleiderer
    Tracy Heather Strain
    Hi. I have finally visited and remain excited about participating.
    I'm currently a Boston-based filmmaker, and the producer of the
    recently-completed ADRIFT, a lyrical film about an Irish-American
    cameraman and his late father's expectations for success. I'm
    finally back to work on SWEET DREAMS: THE DONUT MOVIE. Later, Tracy
    Doug Block
    Welcome, Hans. Tracy, I remember quite well meeting you at the IFP
    Market. Hope our paths will cross again soon. In the meantime, happy
    to get together here.
    Mike Allan
    Hello again all - I say "again" as I was a member briefly when the
    forums were located elsewhere. Since then I have completed my first
    documentary - (last spring) the history of my daughter's school as
    seen through the eyes of three former principals and several former
    students from the 1920's until the 70's. I'm gearing up for HOT DOCS
    here in Toronto, so once again as it becomes spring, my mind begins
    to wander to documentary thoughts. I'm putting together a couple of
    projects which I am hoping will get done this summer. In the meantime
    I've also become the editor of a print magazine for the video
    production industry here in Canada on a part time basis. As well as I
    am still working at a post facility. Not going to leave the post
    facility as they have been very supportive of my foray into doc
    making and also of HOT DOCS (we are a sponsor for the second year in
    a row). I'm really looking forward to HOT DOCS this year and I hope
    some of you make it up. If anyone is coming up to TO let's hook up!