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Doug Block

Stephen, Ben and Kenny, a warm welcome to you all. Ben, feel free to register as a professional member. It will give you access to all 50 discussion topics.

Nick Weis

Hey everyone!

My name is Nick and I'm a young filmmaker from Louisville, KY. For the last two years I've been working on my first documentary, The Potter's Field. -At face value it's a film about high school students who volunteer to give funeral services for homeless people. The film broadens its scope to explore how other cities dispose of their homeless (i.e. NY and Chicago) where there's an apparent lack of compassion in their methods. Throughout the film, the perspectives of the students are supplemented by homeless citizens who also provide insight into their own potential funerals, and whether or not they think anyone would actually come, or if they even care. The philosophy of the students and teachers is simple, "You come into the world being held and loved, and you should leave the world in the same way."

Here is a recent potential trailer:

I can't believe I'm just now finding out about this site, however, I'm excited to be here and I look forward to contributing all that I can!

Simone Nelson

Hi D-List Community:

My name is Simone and I'm glad to be "here."

I bet I know some of you personally as well. I have worked for many film/media support organizations & Festivals in the SF Bay Area, for indie film studios, more recently co-produced a documentary (City of Borders) that premiered at Berlinale and am now working as a producer for filmmaker Tiffany Shlain's Moxie Institute working on the marketing & distribution of the 2011 Sundance premiering feature doc: Connected. ( I'm currently running our Host A Screening Tour before we launch our DVD/online distribution in early 2013.

I also work as a producing, marketing, PR, distribution consultant and am on the Faculty of a digital filmmaking program at an Art Institute where I teach producing and acting for directors.

Love supporting mediamakers & being part of a supportive community in turn.

Doug Block

Welcome, Nick and Simone. Looks like a great subject, Nick, best of luck with it. Simone, terrific work you've been doing with Tiffany on Connected. Very impressed with the outreach on it.

By the way, we're The D-Word, not D-List. While you can be notified about posts in any topic by email, we're not a listserve but an online discussion forum. Just wanted to make the distinction.

Jason Perdue

Not the first time I've been referred to as D-List.

Jeremy Zerechak

Hello D-Word:

My fair use attorney introduced me to the site (I know, kind of odd). I'm currently in the festival/exhibition circuit and shopping around my second feature "CODE 2600" (

It is so wonderful to see a real documentary community like D-List online. I'm based out of Pittsburgh but I am currently teaching film at OU while on a Masters scholarship. I'm looking forward to spending time on the site and meeting other doc makers.

Jeremy Zerechak

Shoot, my apologizes for the mis-type. Surely I realize "D-List" is not the appropriate terminology. First impressions, berg, sorry I do have the best intensions. Just a nervous-nelly on the keyboard for this tread.

Margot Roth

Obviously you were all discombobulated from the Pirates being 63-48 this late in the season. I'm from Pgh. too so I understand. Great to have you here, Jeremy. [Actually, you might be the sole representative from Pgh.! (Many of us are from da Burgh but now hang our black-and-yellow hats elsewhere....)]