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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Doug Block

Welcome, Adam, Mika and Ashley. Great that you've found us.

Becky Hire

Good evening
I am Becky Hire and I live in the metro Atlanta, GA area. For years I have worked with others on documentary film projects while working in corporate video for my day job. Now I am looking to my own documentary project(s) and hope to gain invaluable insight from the good people of the d-word.

Emily Mode

Hello All,

My name is Emily Mode, I live in NYC, and I just learned about The D-Word. A brief background: I did my undergrad work in sociology and fine arts, then I got an MFA in painting. While in grad school I began working for a documentary maker as a PA and second camera person, which then led me to use video in my artwork. After college I continued working on documentaries as well as for visual artists. In 2007/08 I realized I prefer working in moving images, so by 2009 I completed my first single channel experimental documentary. It showed at a number of festivals and internationally, and I realized I have the bug. I hope to work on many more of my own and others projects. With my own work I like to play with the boundaries and form of documentary, but I love working on interesting topics no matter the form.

Doug Block

Great hanging out with you and Sally in Helsinki, Emily. And equally great having you part of our online community. Hope you'll post often.

Lily Keber

Hi everyone-
My name is Lily Keber and I live way down in the swamp city of New Orleans. I've worked freelance camera/editing down here for 5 years; interned at the community media center Appalshop before that. I'm wrapping up production on what (knock on wood) will be my first feature-length documentary, a portrait of James Booker, the "best black, gay, one-eyed, junkie piano genius New Orleans has ever seen". There's a 4 minute trailer for it on
D-Word in an invaluable resource. I'm glad I'm finally getting around to introducing myself on here...

Doug Block

We are, too, Lily. Hope you'll continue to post away on the other topics. And best of luck on the Booker film.

Jill Woodward

Lily, sounds fun! good luck, look forward to hearing about the film.

David Herman

Lily, love the trailer. Saving the memories of the forgotten greats is blessed business!