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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Marj Safinia

Way behind on hellos here but just wanted to say that Mariam is one of the finest human beings I know and I'm so glad she found her way here!

Doug Block

They're all gone with the wind, David. And I'm talking NYC.

Linda Blackaby

Oh, THE COCKETTES is really wonderful, it made me laugh a lot. I hope you can see it Doug.
WE WERE HERE is wonderful in a different way; I laughed sometimes through my tears, and I am still thinking about its lessons.

Mark Weldy

Hello all,my name is Mark Weldy.

I dont have any projects completed unless you count HS A/V club.I am pursuing the idea of a off grid/survival mini/multiple doc for publishing on the web and to DVD.Just trying to get some insight from experienced people here as this site was highly recommended to me.

Look forward to chatting with you guys and gaining some needed knowledge.


Ariel Saturay

Hello, i am ariel saturay and member of kodao productions. Kodao is an indigenous term from our local tribe meaning a knotted rattan string that served as the Philippines’ first calendar. But instead of days, the knot represents a particular community event making Kodao a unique calendar. A chronicle of events instead of a list of days. And just like the unique calendar we named ourselves after, we chronicle in multimedia, the Filipino people as they make history. check out

Ben Kempas

Mark and Ariel, welcome to The D-Word.

Ariel, you should apply to become a full member. It's free but not automatic.

Jack Hunter Cohen

Hello Everyone: I'm Jack and I discovered this web community just last week after seeing Doug and his film at the Laemmle here. Beautiful and brave work.
Doug, I kept thinking how lucky the three of you are to have each other. And, yeah, it's clear who the kids are in the title.
I'm working on my second film at the moment and I'm thankful to have this community as a resource. All the best to you and your family from a fellow Islander.

Doug Block

Thanks, Jack. Appreciate the kind words. And very glad you found your way to The D-Word. I think you'll like it here.