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Jennifer Campbell


My name is Jennifer Campbell, I'm 22 (and three quarters) and I am a personal, reflexive, documentary filmmaker. I just graduated with my BFA in film in my home state of Florida, and started my first year of Graduate Documentary production at Hofstra. I'm not liking this cold weather! Also in the last year I documented my journey to find my mother. It's unlisted so you'll have to click the link to find it.

I am looking forward to connecting with other documentarians. I think this is an incredibly tool for what we do.

Last night I attended Doug Block's The Kids Grow Up in NYC, and stayed for the Q&A afterward, easily the best night in NYC I've had! If you haven't seen the film, stop reading this and go right now. Doug will there for Q&A today and tomorrow for the 3pm screening as well!!! GO!


Ben Kempas

Thanks for your praise, Jennifer.

Good to hear Doug's screenings are going well.

Welcome to The D-Word from a co-host who is 37 (and one third).

Ben Kempas

Geoffrey, welcome to The D-Word.

Very sorry to learn about the loss of your brother. Make sure the film gets seen widely, and please make the best use of The D-Word to promote your screenings.

Doug Block

Welcome, Geoffrey and Jen. Great to have you here with us. And really nice meeting you last night, Jen.

Cy Kuckenbaker

Hi my name is Cy, I'm a filmmaker from San Diego. I just finished a feature doc called Bush League about four members of a soccer team in Malawi and a short called Indentured about labor abuse on US bases in Iraq. I'm now promoting the films and looking for work teaching film at the post-secondary level. I was also a Peace Corps volunteer in Lithuania and a Fulbrighter there. Some of my work can be seen at, I'd love feedback if you have it.

Grace Lee

In reply to Erica Ginsberg's post on Wed 13 Oct 2010 :

Hi Erica, Julia, and Doug – Thanks for the welcome back (even though I'm now a couple weeks delinquent in responding!) Anyway, Erica to answer your question the subject of the current film IS Grace Lee Boggs, whom I met while making the Grace Lee Project. I knew back when I met her 10 years ago that I wanted to revisit her story specifically and that I'd better do it before, as she puts it, "loses her marbles." I don't think there's any danger in that happening quite yet- she is still amazingly sharp at 95 and keeps on asking and living the hard questions. Unfortunately, I am still asking myself the hard question of how I'm going to get this film funded and finished...but I will probably ask others in the Funding section for advice! Btw, Doug, I showed 51 Birch Street in a personal documentary class I taught last spring and the students were riveted. Great film. I look forward to seeing your latest.

Ann Torrance Davidson

To Grace Lee ~ I rented 'The Grace Lee Project' on iTunes. Wonderful!
And great that you are doing an update with Grace Lee Boggs.
Q. Will you get a piece of my $3.99 (Canadian)? I gather more would have gone to you had I purchased the DVD through WMM, but I'm not working at the moment and am trying, in general, not to own too much stuff. Really loved the film.

Mariam Jobrani

Hi everyone!

My name is Mariam. I've always wanted to join, but have always been too busy! I've been working in non-fiction television (reality/docs) for the last 14 years -mostly producing for other people. I did manage to direct/produce 2 of my own shorts: With Us or Against Us and The Fighting Cholitas. I now have some time to really explore this site and to connect with other like-minded folks.