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Chithra Jeyaram

I am Chithra Jeyaram an MFA film production student at University of Texas, Austin. I used to be and still am a Physical Therapist and now an emerging documentary filmmaker.

United states is the only country in the developed world with no law requiring PAID PARENTAL LEAVE BENEFITS. Having a child is treated like a life style choice. Most parents lives changes dramatically not only because of the addition of a new life but because of the poor support systems.

I want to make a documentary about tag-team parenting, where parents who can't afford child care stagger their work shifts. For example – one parent works night shifts and the other day and exchange babies at parking lots. In the process, they barely see each other and such marriages or partnerships eventually end.

The situation is worse for single parents or those of the LGBT community. Currently, I am in the research phase of this project. Any suggestions or tips will be appreciated.

Also, I have wanted to make a film using both my skills – Physical Therapy and Filmmaking. Over the last three years, I have noticed that most filmmakers have bad postures and really bad backs. I have be toying with an idea for an animated/doc film on that topic. Any ideas?


Doug Block

Welcome, Chrithra, and feel free to join The D-Word as a full member . I'll be doing an Austin Film Society screening of my new doc THE KIDS GROW UP on Oct 13. Hope to meet you there.

Kemuel DePaula

My name is Kemuel Deaula, I grew up in Alvarenga, Brazil. I've been living in the United State for a long time now, i love it here. I am a graduate of Full Sail University. I am editing my second Documentary and things are going well. D-Word is a great website, i am new to it and still learning how to get around. Check out my resume at i am also going to attach my Resume to this post. Have a good day!!

- Kemuel DePaula

Doug Block

Welcome to The D-Word, Kemuel. We sure are getting folks with great names here.

Kemuel DePaula

Doug Block
haha, that is true, when i was born they spelled my name wrong, so my parents kept it.

Doug Block

Same here, Chithra. Please make sure to introduce yourself at some point.

Robert A. Emmons Jr.

Hello –

I am new to the blog. I applied for full membership and hope to gain it!

I am currently finishing a 6 month project, which is set to finish tomorrow.

During these last 6 months I have made two short documentaries a week. They premiere every Wednesday and Sunday and are based on randomly drawn words. The project is called MINICONCEPTDOCS. It has been the single best documentary filmmaking learning experience of my life. They can be seen here or my Youtube channel:

I would love to hear comments from other documentary filmmakers.

I would consider myself a folk filmmaker interested in local culture and history, usually within the area I live in.

I teach film and media studies at Rutgers University in Camden.

I have written about ethics in documentary particularly the ethical responsibilities of the audience and the face of the Other. I look forward to the insights of the diverse group of filmmakers on this blog.

Mikal Jakubal

In reply to chithra jeyaram's post on Wed 4 Aug 2010 07:21 PDT :
Hey Chithra,
Your line below cracked me up!

"Over the last three years, I have noticed that most filmmakers have bad postures and really bad backs."

Yes, there should be a physical therapy and yoga class for cinematographers and editors. It's hard enough to remember proper posture and ergonomics at a keyboard, but almost impossible to not hunch terribly while holding a heavy camera and staring forward into a viewfinder all day. Ugh!