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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Jason Perdue

Dustin, great to see you here. You will be talking mysteriously about the D-word soon enough too.

Ron Osgood

Dustin – I'm looking forward to seeing more of your animation and keeping in touch via D-Word

Erica Ginsberg

Hey Dustin, good to see you in D-Word and glad to see your film is continuing its festival run. Congrats on another well-deserved award.

Jason Hutt

Hi everyone! I'm very excited to finally be a member of The D-Word. I've made 2 documentary features to date, "Orthodox Stance" (2008) & "Breezewood, Pennsylvania" (2004), and am in production on a third film. I'm looking forward to interacting with this inspired and talented community of filmmakers!

Doug Block

Glad to have you here, Jason. Finally. We've had people working on you for years now ;-)

Daniel Morfesis

Hello! I am a documentary Editor (who also does Assistant Editor work) recently finished work as an AE on the documentary 'Countdown to Zero'. Our team was lucky enough to have the film play at this year's Sundance Festival. I was very excited by the documentaries I was able to catch at the festival!

I'm looking forward to joining a community of other documentary professionals!!

Doug Block

And we're happy to have you here with us, Daniel. Congrats on Countdown, and feel free to dive right into the conversations here.

Leonard Lopez

Hi Everyone,

Leonard here, came across your achivements through D-word with whom I
am a new member, and am impressed with the bio's I come across..
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I have taken the initiative in introducing myself through the work I do, by posting my company details, and our association with numerous of our existing Media companies ( TV
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Disclosure Agreement) for confidentiality.

1. Canvas Films.

2. Transformer films.

3. Fora tv.

4. City Lights.

5. Mostly Magic.

6. Expo TV.

7. Lion TV.

8. Jillian Tucker-----Independent for Plum TV

9. Dan Woods----For Clarity Films.

10. Racing Horse Productions----Rebecca Cohen.


12. Institute For Inclusion. (NON Profit Organization)

13. Deaf Independent Living Association.

14. Media Policy Center

15. M Creative Group, Inc.

16. Current tv

Our general quote is US $60 to US$70 per hour of audio recording
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We accept payment by PayPal, Google check out or Bank cheque.

We have a unique way of starting our association with A NO CHARGE
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Looking forward to hearing from you at the earliest,

Thanks and Regards,
Leonard Lopez.
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Hitomi Lei

Hey all! This is a great doc community...glad to be here!

John Burgan

Welcome Hitomi and Leonard. Always good to hear of reliable transcription services