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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Nick Verbitsky

Welcome all you newbies, you are now in w/ a very helpful and interesting group!

Patrice Williams

HI, I'm Patrice and the founder of the Going Green Film Festival. Wanted to reach as many doc filmmakers as possible and let them know that we are looking for their "green films." If your film was created using green techniques, or if your subject is about the environment/third world issues, or you feature alternative transportation in your film, then you qualify. Please visit our website at for more details. Twitter @goinggreenfest

Jehan Harney

Hello D-Word fellows... I am finally introducing myself now even though I have been a member since my D-Word F2F pitch in Washington in June. James L, thanks for encouraging me to be more active on the D-Word scene. I am an Egyptian-American TV journalist & filmmaker. I can't imagine doing anything professionally enjoyable more than making documentaries. This year, I quit my stressful TV news job to work full-time on my ITVS-funded film on the plight of Iraqi refugees. I love making interfaith and social justice films where I feel I can make a difference. I hope I can be active in your discussions and to make many filmmaker friends...

Doug Block

Welcome and thanks for finally posting, Jehan. Great to have you taking part in the discussions.

spenser noh

Hey guys,
New member here. I represent Woody Pak, a composer for documentaries. You can check out his work at Let me know any of you would like some more information on him! Thanks.


Sydnye White

Hello all:
I just signed up and happy to be here! I am a documentary and tv producer in the Washington, DC area looking to network and share knowledge. My web site is where I sell a How-To CD about fundraisng for documentary productions. I've also started blogging on that site.