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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Julia Welbourne

Thanks so much Marth-
I'll definitely be there!

And thanks also for the welcome Doug and thanks Ryan, I think.


Kevin Railsback

Hello Everyone,

Visited this site now and then but never really had the time to be as involved as I'd like.

My passion is nature and wildlife but I've embarked on a doc about a local professional dance team. So I'm sure I'm going to need loads of advice in order to pull of something that's not in my normal comfort zone.

Beth Toni Kruvant

Hi Doug,
It just came to me that 31 Birch St is like Hamlet. Has any one ever told you that?

Doug Block

Actually, you're the first, Beth. But I'll assume it's a compliment, so thanks.

FYI, it's 51 Birch Street. 31 Birch would have been the Seiferts, and while I'm sure there was a fascinating story there, it will forever remain hidden from public view.

Anyway, a warm welcome to both you and Kevin.

Beth Toni Kruvant

Hi Doug,
yes I remembered it was 51 as I headed out the door and did wonder who was at 31, but its just the beginning of Hamlet, not the tragic ending as you may have got, I thought about it after seeing Jude Law talk about his role on charlie rose- what a weird connection.................
good luck on your new film, I saw the trailer at IFP and cried.

Ryan Ferguson

In reply to Julia Welbourne's post on Sun 4 Oct 2009 :

yeah, i meant it as a welcome of sorts... based on my d-word perceptions alone, i figured women didn't actually live in seattle. truly shocking revelation to find out there's actually 266,919 (as of 2005) women in seattle... who knew?

Jean McEwan

hi all,

I'm based in Bradford, Yorkshire, England. I'm a filmmaker who is making a short documentary with some young people aged 13 – 14, about a project called "The Bradford Tea Party" which is bringing six groups of older people from different cultural backgrounds together to make ceramics and textiles celebrating their customs and cultures. I made my own first doc only this year. I'm excited and a bit nervous! A lot of responsibility involved in mentoring the young people through the project and I'm hoping they have a good experience. Good to meet you all.

Nick Verbitsky

Welcome all you newbies, you are now in w/ a very helpful and interesting group!