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Robert Goodman

this really belongs in the mentoring room. I would contact all the casting agencies listed in the New York Film Guide and ask for their non-union voice-over demo reels. Most are likely to be online at this point. Find the person or person you like and then contact the agency or the person and make them an offer. If you have a little bit of money, make sure you're organized so the person can get in and out in under an hour.

Shelly Helgeson

My apologies. I will move now! But, thanks for the helpful info already!

Tomas Corredor

My name is Tomás and I am a Colombian TV commercial director currently residing in NYC. My work in advertisement has given me an approach to the audiovisual language, but at the same time it has distanced me form the “reality” that I’m very eager to explore as an individual and through the camera lens. Therefore, since some time ago, I am interested in exploring my own documentary language. I am pursuing this exploration by currently taking the Documentary Production Workshop at The New School in NYC. As a final assignment of the workshop, I will make and present my first documentary short film of 7 minutes. In Colombia I have been working as a documentary theory, film history and filmmaking teacher at a range of universities. I have also contributed extensively to a range of workshops around the country organized by the Colombian Ministry of Culture.
I am 33 years old and for the last 12 years I have been producing images for other people and teaching others filmmaking. Being in NYC has triggered me to do my own film and the time to start to work in my own dreams has come.

Some of my work

Doug Block

Welcome, Taylor. I highly recommend you look through our vast list of archived discussions, which is available to Enthusiasts. You'll get all sorts of production advice there. And feel free to ask questions in the Mentoring topic, as Robert suggests.

And welcome to Shelly and Tomás, as well. Both of you should feel free to apply for full D-Word membership (it's free) by clicking here ...

kate marvin

Hello everyone, my name is Esther and I am doing my first documentary. A graduate of Dramatic arts, published writer, done a feature but decided on doing historical documentary of my people. Had it mapped out but now it's a differnt game as I have landed myself with too much researched materials being on it since december 2005. So now I watch the pictures on my editing table wondering which should be relivant? I'm being honest here because I need proffessional advice. I have read so much doc. but still need more info as i draw close to rounding up in early december 2009. Ok! let me talk less after all I just got here. Just one more thing, I think info on presentation style or story structures so as to attract funding for a television broadcast will help. Soon you will read about my experience, that I think should even be another doc. on it's own. An experience. i do love to share my experience and learn more from you out there. Thanks.

Doug Block

A warm welcome, Esther. Glad you found us and good luck with your doc. You might want to read a special week-long discussion we did here devoted to Story Structure in our vast archives.

Floyd Webb

Hello, My name is Floyd Webb and I am a docfilmmaker living in Chicago. Working on my first doc after working with a lot of interesting people, I also do short 3 minute profiles of Chicago people.

Of late I am working on a project that got me tied up in a Federal lawsuit over Fair Use in Boston. The case may be dismissed Sept 28, we will see. The film I am making covers a century of the marginal social community of martial arts from Teddy Roosevelt's Judo dojo in the White House to the Dojo Wars of Count Dante in Chicago.

This is site looks like it could be a very interesting place.