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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Raphaela Neihausen

In reply to Ruth Somalo's post on Fri 4 Sep 2009 :

Welcome, Ruth!! You finally made it over. I am delighted that I get double exposure to you now (both through STF and D-Word). If only I was better about regularly attending those dance classes, I'd get triple the exposure... One day.

I think you'll find the D-Word community very useful for both your existing and future projects, as well as your general enthusiasm for documentaries. Bienvenida!

Raphaela Neihausen

In reply to Jesse Epstein's post on Mon 31 Aug 2009 22:54 UTC :

Jesse! Just catching up on past D-Word posts, and see that you have finally joined as well. Funny, but I always assumed that both you and Ruth were already members since you're so involved in the NY doc community. Anyways, great to see you both here!! It is indeed a fantastic resource, rich with information and community. Thom and I are back in NY Sept. 21, so see you at STF!

Tim Disbrow

Hey, my name is Tim Disbrow, I'm a filmmaker from New Jersey. My production company is Iron River Films LLC. I'm currently working on my first feature length doc. It's called "Card Subject To Change." It's about pro wrestling, more specifically the "Independent Circuit" of pro wrestling which could be compared to the Minor Leagues in pro baseball. The film will be complete in early October.


Heddy Honigmann

Hallo colleagues from all over! Nice to be here (thank you Ben that you invited me). I'm a Peruvian-Dutch filmmaker, Heddy Honigmann. I live in Amsterdam, where you're welcome (and not only during the IDFA). I have a son I adore, Stefan (he just started to study film) and a friend, Henk, I really love. When I do not film I'm not so happy. This is one of these days :-(
So go quickly and take a look in my website:

My photo will follow one of these days.
Why I read under the space for my photo "enthusiast" ?

amit mitra

Hello All,
I am a wildlife photographer and just completed my 1st Documentary on Snow Leopards. Well, it took almost 18months for me to complete this film.
I do have a day job in IT too.
Hope to learn a lot from here.

Thanks a lot :O)

John Burgan

Welcome Heddy and Amrit. Everyone's an Enthusiast when they join us (at least we hope they are) but those with professional experience are welcome to apply to become a Full Member

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Erica Ginsberg

Welcome Carlos, Ruth, Wilfred, Peter, Jade, Gregory, Tim, Amit, Ted, and anyone else who has entered through the saloon doors of D-Word in the recent past. And a big welcome to Heddy who is my docu-hero. We're not happy either when you are not doing film.

Doug Block

Welcome, Heddy and Amit. Heddy, can't tell you how many admirers you have here, we've discussed your films often in our Documentary Films topic. So become a member soon so you can join in and have access to all of our topics. Amit, feel free, as well.

Robert Goodman

I've seen too few of your films Heddy but O Amor Natural is truly a delight.