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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Robert Goodman

that's one heck of an intro on the D-word's 10th. Welcome aboard. Our hosts must be busy celebrating. smile.

Christopher Wong

welcome jade. you'll find a great community of docmakers here to share with, learn from, and maybe just maybe get arrested with ;)

Marj Safinia

Yep, if you're looking for cellmates, I can point you in the direction of 2 gentlemen in particular who come to mind!

Welcome to the D-Word. I can tell you're going to be a great addition.

Carlos Alberto Mattos

Hi everyone, anyone. I am a Brazilian journalist, film critic and film researcher who is specially interested in docs. I even created, some 3 years ago, the first Brazilian blog for docs, DocBlog, under the umbrella of big newspaper O Globo (Rio de Janeiro). Now it is temporarily out, but will return in 2010.

For the moment I post (only in Portuguese and not only about docs) at

Well, I am here just for the fun or reading and hearing from you. And eventually get some hot subjects for my blog.

Warm regards from Brazil!

Peter Paris

Hello filmmakers! I am an editor in Brooklyn. I am hoping to get myself further established as an editor working on anything interesting and that leads me to documentaries.

Documentaries to me are about learning and I'd be interested in working with anyone if they need an editor for short-form documentaries and long-form films. I have a bit of experience in film production and on the advertising level of post-production as well.

I have recently completed a couple of documentary trailers. In the coming months, I'm hoping to expand that into longer form projects and features. Please visit my reel, which at the moment consists of mostly advertising Rips. The address is and also to view the documentary trailers at

I am also looking for short-form narratives as well if anyone needs an editor for those types of projects. I have experience on both Avid and Final Cut Pro and most HD tape formats.

Thanks too all!


Doug Block

Welcome, Carlos and Peter. Feel free to register for full professional membership for full access to all discussion topics.

Jade, it's wonderful to have you leap right in with that great intro. By all means, make The D-Word your second home!

Peter Paris

Thank you Doug, I hope we can work together in the future.


wilfred kiumi

Hi am based in Nairobi Kenya we own a small production and rental house. i heard about this forum from some guys i worked with from canada and i think its great.

Ben Kempas

A big welcome to the first new Enthusiasts and Members of the now 10-year-old D-Word. Wilfred, you should also apply for full membership if you haven't already.

Ruth Somalo

Hello all, I can't believe is taken me this long to join the D-word.
I was having drinks at the beer garden with some of you guys last night, excellent mix of docu networking and party atmosphere. Happy B-day.

I've known about it since its birth, but I was still in Spain getting my first steps in the documentary making world. I think it was in a Patricio Guzman's master class when I heard about it first, for some reason in my head it was archived like something of a "only big documentary makers should join" type of thing. Thanks for being so open and welcoming.

After 5 years in London I moved to NY and I am loving the documentary community/family of people I keep meeting.

My last feature length doc Till You're Told To Stop, about british singer songwriter James Blunt and his story from obscurity to selling 14 million records worldwide and remaining himself through the process, is doing well in Festivals and I am talking to a few sales agents and distributors now. This doc journey has been lonely and hard for the last 5 years, and is finally starting to happen. Find out more at

My backdrop idea for this film was Don't look back by DA Pennebaker. I met the legend, the lovely man himself at an STF event this year (later chatted about Rioja wine and spanish cheese). That made me realize that NY is a place where incredible people are happy to share stories and help each other, and I think D-word is a great example of this.

Thanks for having me.