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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Doug Block

Welcome, Jeremy. Sounds like a great project, definitely of interest to us since we do collaborative projects ourselves from time to time.

And Mila, great to have you come out from the shadows and into the sunshine and light, at last. Not so terrifying after all, is it?

Christopher Wong

mila, there's a bunch of us D-Worders here in L.A., so we'll have to arrange a get-together this summer. would love to hear more about your project.

Danny Samit

Hey Everyone,

I'm so excited I found this place. It looks like a wonderful community. I'm a documentary filmmaker and I live in LA. My first feature just won the Jury Award for Best Documentary at Japan Film Festival last week. It's a documentary on Japanese whaling: .

I'm very excited to start reading more posts.


Christopher Wong

congrats on the award, danny! and welcome to the D-Word... make sure that you apply for full membership (it's free) so that you will be eligible to see all the discussion topics on this site.

John Burgan

Tell us a bit more about yourself, Danny. How did you come to make KUJIRA?

Julia Wiegand

Hey doc friends,

I'm a documentary film editor based in Cologne, Germany.
Currently I edit my first feature length documentary "Tribes of Cologne" which is an ethnographic film about people who dress and live like Huns and Mongolians in Cologne ( (Sorry, the site is in German only)

Having studied documentary film in Italy and having worked in Denmark I very much appreciate getting in contact with you from allover the world.


Ben Kempas

Hey Julia, this project sounds hilarious. I live in Munich (theoretically) but have grown into a big fan of the Cologne carnival. Is there any overlap between the Tribes of Cologne and the carnival?

Please do become a full Member of The D-Word. "It's free but it's not automatic."

(And give my regards to Jutta Krug.)

Julia Wiegand

Thank you!
Actually the Tribes of Cologne do have their origin in the Cologne carnival, they started up as carnival associations in the 50s. They also hold summer camps in parks which for them is even more important than carnival.