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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Ben Kempas

Oh, and Nick, I didn't mean to overlook you (maybe you should upload a picture, haha). Welcome to The D-Word.

Annette Strauch

I grew up in the middle of Germany. The fall of the Berlin wall was one of my most memorable experiences 20 years ago because I lived close to the border in the west.

I come from the cherry area around Witzenhausen / lovely cherry-blossom in the spring!

"We perceive what we want to perceive" – it depends which pair of glasses we are wearing, as the German saying goes!

I love colourful cupcakes, latte macchiato (medium) with spoon-firm froth, bara-brith, lamb in Wales with mint sauce and good quality tea (Sahnetee). I love web 2.0 and my iPodtouch with good podcasts like audiobooks.

I believe in skills: you cannot have studied history only really – and then work in marketing or so. I was taught good quality work and education was too a high standard. I am interested in – and have studied psychology and neurolinguistic programming (discover your own potential!).

I support Nordic-Walking and Mountain-Walking in Wales.

I set up a good exhibition in my favourite Library, the SUB in Göttingen:

I belonged to the German Society when I lived in Cardiff.

I love Cardiff, London, Glastonbury – languages, cultures. I love the sun! I never mean to do any harm. People cannot take criticism sometimes – but it is their problem. I have experienced this in Wales (with some national institutions unfortunately). Trust is important – the chemistry has to be good and relentless honesty is important. I need – like every person – someone who tells me that some of my ideas is rubbish. I appreciate it – better than agreeing all the time – this has nothing to do with being rude (guerrilla marketing principal also).

Achievement means a lot to me – but not getting stressed. I never got certain jobs b'cause I am no "arse-licker"; a word and meaning I learnt in Wales. I have been into blogs for a while now, bookmarking / tagging, brand monitoring (MINI), content aggregation, crowdsourcing / voting (Starbucks), discussion boards and forums, vents and meetups, microblogging, video, photosharing, podcasting, presentation sharing, PR, ratings and reviews (Qype). I work to get sponsorship.

Combining culture with IT – this is my interest. I belive just IT is nothing, it is just technology – you still want to read the classics and books that are kept in the libraries. If you don't – I do ;-). I like the art of giving and helping! About me – in one sentence: Very happy!

Some Links:

N.B.: Mark and I are interested in professional film-making (we have good equipment). Wales offers great locations. You can film here very well.
Photography and film-making go very well together. I have studied Visual Anthropology (Georg-August Uni Göttingen) when I chose the subject "Europäische Ethnologie" in which I have a degree.

George Kachadorian

My name is George Kachadorian and I've beem working for nearly a decade on my latest feature documentary "SHOOTING BEAUTY"– selected to kick off the 2009 Full Frame Film Festival. Also playing in April at IFP/Phoenix Film Fest and IFFBoston.

Check out the brief trailer at our facebook page to see what I've been doing up here in my little NH studio...:

Doug Block

Greetings to all the new Members. George, much congrats on having your premiere be the Full Frame premiere, that's pretty awesome! Now be sure to take the next step and sign up for full membership . Annette, now that's an awesome introduction!

Tina Flemmerer


I just saw the trailer to your film, it is amazing. I can't wait to see it. Are there any plans for the film to come to New York anytime soon?

Mark Kendall

Thanks Ben...I'll be there all week, so we'll definitely cross paths. Congrats on your film.

Sean Flynn

Great trailer George, and I love the tagline "Everyone deserves a shot." Hope to catch you and the film at IFF Boston!

Joshka Wessels

Dear all, my name is Joshka Wessels, I am a eco-documentary maker based in the Netherlands. My background is in visual anthropology and geography (yes, I have a PhD in that...)I have been a member of D-Word since 2007 when I was based in the UK but just didn't get round to properly introduce myself! I have been working a lot on climate change, water and middle east issues lately. Attached is a list of broadcasts and screening in 2009 of 5 different films I made. You can see my showreel on my youtube channel

Have fun !