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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Amy Kaye

Top of the mornin' to you all from Dublin!
I am a full time media student originally from South Africa. I am specialising in documentary making and am currently in post-production on my first short documentary about Judaism in Dublin. I am very excited to have found this forum – hope to hear from you soon!

Shima Razavi

Hi everyone,

I am a budding documentary director/producer/entrepreneur. Recently I've decided to focus my career towards (mostly made for TV) educational/informative/socially relevant documentaries. I would like to create my own production company that develops and produces programming for the likes of NatGeo, Travel, History Channels, etc... I have no idea where to get started!! I would really appreciate any insight from anyone in this field.

Thomas Lennon

Hi I'm Tom Lennon (Thomas Lennon in writing, as in credits.) I've already had an introduction of sorts – Doug Block said, "Tom Lennon is a good friend, and a D-word member who never posts." Fair enough. But I want to get the D-word habit, because I'm stunned by how vigorous and helpful the conversation is. I've been a documentary filmmaker for a long time – started out indie, then to ABC News in the eighties when people like Marcel Ophuls were there, Alan and Susan Raymond – then out on my own, where I did a lot of work for Frontline and the American Experience that I was v. proud of. In the last five years, I've had one foot in documentary, and the other in ...what to call it... public service media, I guess – Ruby Yang and I did a lot of AIDS awareness spots in China, the first such campaigns ever aired in China. I want to keep a foot in both worlds if I can...that's me. Looking forward to ducking in and out of this conversation.

James Longley

Thomas and Ruby also took home an Oscar for their work in China, as he humbly fails to mention.

Andy Schocken

Welcome, Amy, Shima, and Tom! Tom, I believe we had a few drinks together a few years ago at the Bohemian beer garden. Maybe once the weather warms up a bit, we should revisit that idea...

Doug Block

Yes, welcome Amy and Shima. And Tom, what can I say? Winning an Oscar is certainly quite an accomplishment. And getting you to finally post on the D-Word is perhaps my finest accomplishment. Welcome aboard, matey!

Erica Ginsberg

Welcome to all the new members and enthusiasts.

Amy, I did a study year abroad at Trinity a long time ago and it was the only time where I ever really connected to my faith of birth – perhaps because it was the only time where I felt like such an obvious minority. Look forward to hearing more about your documentary and knowing more about the state of Judaism in Dublin today.

James Longley

Tom – whatever happened with your film, "Tongzhi in Love"? I saw a screener of it last fall and thought it was a complete knockout. Has it been playing festivals?

Steven P. Kennedy

Hi, I'm Steve Kennedy and I've got a small problem. I'm pitching a fire safety & environmental video in Santa Cruz, California and there's one Steve Kennedy who works for a County Supervisor as an aide and another Steve Kennedy who works in the data communications department at UC Santa Cruz. I think both of these guys live in Soquel. I got the feeling the town ain't big enough for all three of whaddya think I call myself "Hollywood" Kennedy so people get the picture? Your flaming comments are welcome in the GuestBook at . Wish me luck on my funding proposals and keep the cameras rolling.