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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Yung Chang

Hello everyone! My name is Yung Chang. I made a film called Up The Yangtze. I'm a brand-new member here. The great Doug Block came to speak to us at the Canadian Film Center where I'm doing a residency. Thank you Doug for bringing me into this D-world. Also, Ben Kempas and I went searching for whales in Reykjavik in September but to no avail. Our tickets are good for a year. Next year right, Ben? I look forward to meeting, discussing and consuming.

Christopher Wong

welcome, Yung! great to have you in the D-Word community... absolutely loved UP THE YANGTZE and it totally deserves all the acclaim it has received. personally, i especially appreciate a fellow asian american filmmaker getting notice in a world often devoid of non-white docmakers.

Doug Block

So great that you made it to The D-Word, Yung. Hope you'll hang out here and post often. It was a privilege to meet you and talk to the group. The irony of being asked to share my insights and experiences with other filmmakers is that I probably learn a great deal more from the interaction than they do.

Be sure to let folks here know more about your current project, The Fruit Hunters, in the Works in Progress topic. It's a fascinating idea and I'm sure we can be helpful. Meanwhile, can't wait to see Up The Yangtze which I've heard only great things about.

James Longley

Welcome, Yung! I saw UP THE YANGTZE last year at the Varsity Theater in Seattle and was very impressed by it. Great to have you in The D-word.

Marj Safinia

Welcome indeed. UP THE YANGTZE was breathtakingly beautiful. Good to have you here.

Ben Kempas

A big welcome to the great dam builders from the great dam removers!

And yes, we'll need to claim those whale-watching vouchers. I hear Iceland is rather cheap these days...?

Sasha Andrews


I'm a photographer retraining as doc director & looking forward to learning from this forum


James McNally

Hey Yung, nice to see you here! I didn't know Ben was in Reykjavik at that time as well. Ben, I hope you got to experience Yung's mad DJ skillz. My wife and I went whale watching as well and didn't see a thing, but seeing as she was seasick, I'm not sure we'll do the freebie. :)

By the way, Yung is a true gentleman, helping my wife and I get a lift home from a far-flung screening (a three-hour silent epic completely in Icelandic, no less!)

David Mcilvride

Wecome Yung .. always nice to have another Canuck in the room.

Robin Das

His Excellency DALAI LAMA had seen my film in the eyes of FREE SPRIT FILM FESTIVAL 2008. you don't miss it.log on
Go to documentary section, you can see the film :MAN,FREEDOM & GOD
38minute duration.

Roxana Ion

Hello everyone. I have a question for doc fans: Have you ever heard about a company named CINE TV BERLIN? I am looking for a documentary produced by them around 1984, "Saxons in Transylvania" or "Transylvania's Saxons". I'm trying to find this film for a while so every information is really important for me. Thank you in advance.

John Burgan

Maybe you should post this (with the original German title) to the German Association of Documentary Producers AGDOK

John Burgan

Thomas, feel free to sign up as a Full Member

BTW I think one of my former students is still at Zelig, Francesca Scalisi!

Ian Campbell

Hi all. I was referred here off another group, Doculink. I'm a director of photography who's been dabbling in docs for awhile now. I'm currently trying to figure out what to do with a travel show that I have just completed, I have 3 1/2 hr episodes ready to go but since my experience has been in production I have no connections with cable networks or any other types of distribution. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback or help with getting some sort of rep or agent.
That was a long winded intro but thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting people here.

Nigel Walker

Ian, you might want to offer the clips as Quicktimes, as Flash only files are not as accessible.

Alexandra Lescaze

Dear D-word members,

I am a documentary filmmaker AND the Executive Director of the Sidney Hillman Foundation which has been giving out prestigious journalism awards for 50 years. Broadcast is a (relatively) new category so I am trying to nourish it and hope that some of you fellow documentary filmmakers will submit. Criteria is your film must be about a social or economic justice issue and have been broadcast in 2008!

Please see our website: for more information and to see judges and past winners


Marcia Pacheco

Hi to all!

I'm a new member here in the D word and a new documentary filmmaker too. I mean really new! I'm finishing my masters degree in mass communication and my thesis project is a documentary on photography: My first child. I've made a living as a photographer and photography professor for the last few years which makes this new stage an extremely exciting one.

Doug Block

Hi Marcia and welcome to The D-Word. Best of luck on your thesis project. Care to share more about it?

Tanner Wolfe

Hello everyone,

I am a cinematographer based in Los Angeles. However, I spent most of the last year in Cambodia, India, Iraq, Israel, Guatemala, etc. Although I work in narrative films as well, I absolutely love documentaries. I look forward to learning from everyone here as well as sharing my own knowledge. Cheers.