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Prabha Nag

In reply to Baldev Rayat's post on Wed 17 Dec 2008 :

Hi Baldev,
Merry Christmas! I would like to get some input from you on sound recording for documentaries...if you don't mind. What would be the best equipment to use for a documentary where I need to capture sound outdoors? Is it best to get one where it is integrated with the camera or better to get an external recorder? If so which one?
Thanks ever so much for your help,
Regards, (my email –

Mark Barroso

Record to the camera for ease of editing, especially if you are just beginning. Less equipment to handle. Unless of course, you just want wild sound, then you can use a digital recorder like the Zoom H2 or H4. Input with a good mic like a Schoeps. If you have the budget then a Sound Device 702

Doug Block

Welcome, Prabha. So you know, all questions should be posted in the Mentoring topic. This is just for introductions.

Aaron B. Smith

Well, here I am, on the D-word at the urging of my friend, Tanner Wolfe. I own a film production company called Dusk Films. I am transforming it into a non-profit. Exciting times. I hope to contribute to the site as much as possible and I hope to learn from all of you as well. I love community stuff and I love film.

Murray Nossel

My friend Doug Block has been urging me to join d-word for years! I am happy to finally be here. I have always enjoyed the community of documentary film makers when I have been at film festivals. So now I guess I have that community on tap.
I am amongst other things, a documentary film maker. Having made films about OTHER people I am currently making two films which include MYSELF.
I was trained as an ethnographer – one who uses their own self as an instrument of understanding the world view of others. Although I tell my own story on stage – in a performance called Two Men Talking – the enterprise or telling my story on film is one of the most challenging I've ever undertaken.
Perhaps there are those of you out there in the same boat.

David Herman

either on the stage or in the boat. I find it difficult when I have a foot in each, though elastic underwear has made this almost achievable.

Doug Block

Welcome at last, Murray, but you're only halfway here. You now need to sign up as a full member to gain access to all the discussion topics.

Murray is a being a bit humble, as usual. He made a terrific feature documentary called "Paternal Instinct" that I'm proud to say I co-produced. And he was nominated for an Academy Award (with Roger Weisberg) for the short, "Why Can't We Be A Family Again?" And he's a total sweetheart of a homo sapien.

Magdalena Hutter

Welcome, Murray! I saw "Paternal Instinct" a couple of years ago and was completely blown away – it's still one of my favorite films ever!

Ben Crosbie

Hi All, just joined the d-word this week, not sure why it took so long! I run a fledgling documentary production company, and am obsessed with all things documentary. Currently working on finishing a feature length doc 2 years in the making, about a kibbutz in Israel. I'm looking forward to learning and contributing at the d-word.