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Bill Williams

I'm Bill Williams, I'm a new production company owner, which is a first nation's film company.  My first project I'm working on is a documentary on the Indigenous Success Stories.  I will be the start of this documentary, because of success's in life.  I was born with club feet, deaf in both ears, and border line retardation.  I was taken out of my home by social service agency, and taken to residential school, only to be rejected by them due to my deficits.  Made ward of the courts, and then fostered out.   While in foster care, I had series of operations on my feet, where they had to break all of my bones in my feet, and graft in new bones.  If you ever had broken bones, you know how painful my operations were.  This was in the 60's, and the doctor's were not guaranteeing that I would walk straight, or hear, or have the ability to learn.  Well guess what, the first time I walked straight was at the age of 10.  With series of operations on my ears, the first time I heard was at the age of 12.

I have been on my own since I was 13 years old, because my former foster parent's, the Williams kicked me out;  they said they got me because of the money.  I was devastated, and I believe that's where I died inside.  About two weeks after I was on my own, I went for a walk one sunny Sunday afternoon, and I stopped at a bench to rest, which I shouldn't have.  A van drove by me and then he stopped to back up to where I was to ask for directions, and I told him where he should go.  He starts to drive off, but stops, and back's up to where I was and asked if I could show him.  After thinking about it, and since he was heading in the direction where I lived, I said yes.

He starts to drive off, and get's to the orange bridge, where he was suppose to let me out, but he didn't.  He proceeded to drive by a Indian reserve, and up the mountain behind the reserve.  There he told me to take off my clothes, and if I refused, he would kill me, and put a fishing knife up against my throat.  After he finishes with me, he drives off, and tells me to get out, and I was scared, because if I jumped out of a moving vehicle that I would die, and I was naked.  He left me for dead, and I laid there saying to myself: "why me."  I managed to get the last three digits of his license plate, and when I got home, I got help phoning the police.  The police came over, but I only would talk to a woman police.  They did get the guy about two weeks later, getting ready to leave town.  When I had to go to court, I was called to the witness stand to identify the guy that kidnapped me, almost killed me, raping me, and leaving me for dead up in the mountains.  And when I walked by the guy, he said that he didn't kill me up in the mountains, but he would kill me when he get's out of jail.

I lived my life in fear, jumping at every noise, but I got tired of living like that, because he had control of my life mentally.  He was an older man that did this to me, and by the time I was forty, I got married.  I told my wife what I told you, and she said that I am the most amazing person that she has ever met.  I told her that I needed to go to the mountain to where all this took place, and forgive the guy, because I believe he had passed on.  We drove to the mountain, and as I gazed around, and remembered that I was almost killed,  I stretched out my hand in peace, and said: "I forgive you, and I let you go."  Then I believe that his spirit left me, and from that moment I lived in peace.

Today I run my own Production Company under BGW Film Studio.  My first project is on the indigenous success stories, want to join or help us, let me know.

Doug Block

That's an amazing story, Bill!  A warm welcome to The D-Word.  Nice to have you here with us.

Jordan Freeman

Hello! I, like many inclined towards this sort of work, like to make docs which afflict the comfortable and hasten the shift towards a better world- at very least, a more insightful dialogue. Working on a few projects right now, small and large, modest to ambitious, and find that the best results never come in a vacuum. After seven years doing documentary work in southern WV, I feel blessed to have made it up to NY, where there is a truly vibrant community of courageous folks making work which is timely, relevant, and challenging to the status quo- all the while, there is a healthy culture of critique, a necessary part of the creative process. I look forward to learning from the wealth of knowledge and experience here. 

Doug Block

And we're happy to have you here, Jordan. Feel free to leap right into the various discussions.

Dennis Colligan

Hello D-Word community. In terms of making and viewing documentaries, I'm interested in a large spectrum of doc subjects. My personal focus at the moment is on autism and traumatic brain injury, stemming from my wife's traumatic brain injury a few years ago and our recent association with the differently-abled community, including adults and children with Autism, Asperger Syndrome, and other developmental disabilities, as well as acquired neurological disorders such as TBI. I've been a professional photographer and videographer for many years, and do small productions as Dog Day Studio Productions. I've reached a point where I am ready to get serious about the doc projects I keep putting on the back burner, and am glad to have found this vibrant and creative community of filmmakers to interact with. Fading in...

Doug Block

Howdy and welcome, Dennis. Good luck with your brain injury project and sorry about the circumstances that led to it. Hope you'll find the help and support you need here.

Jawad Tabache

Hello to all !

I am a documentary and web documentary enthusiast who loves anything historic, political and societal. 

I wanted to share a web documentary : Disparaître
This webdocumentary explores the witness protection program and the path an ex-criminal has followed in order to become an informant. It also uses interactive technology which makes it really cool and fun to experience. 
I have posted it in the recommended docs section. I must however tell you guys that it is in french. 

Hope you fellas enjoy it, 



John Burgan


[Post moved to this Topic by Host - Welcome to The D-Word, Jawed - however as it says at the top of the Recommended Docs this topic is for praising the work of others, not your own. If you want to beat the drum for your own documentary, please don't do it here.]

Disparaître is a canadian (french) Web documentary, produced by Production Casablanca in collaboraiton with Turbulent, which portrays the realm of informers and the witnesses protection program. Through the testimony of Denis , an ex-criminal, as well as statements from various law enforcement specialists, Disparaître is an interactive experience which plunges the viewer in this underground criminal world. Using eye recognition software and a 5.1 Dolby Surround soundtrack, Denis shares intimate details as he recollects his personal experience to the user. As a complement to the new television series Le Clan airing on Radio-Canada, Disparaître the web documentary provides unprecedented access to the realities repented criminals must go through their journey in the witness protection program.


Eve Riley

I am a novelist. Joined d-word to learn a little about doc film making from the insider's POV.

Doug Block

Welcome, Eve.  As a "Fan", I'm afraid you're limited to exploring the various topics in our Archives.  If you flesh out your profile and register as a "Professional" we'll give you serious consideration, even without the doc filmmaking experience.   That way you'll have access to all 45 discussion topics.

Tom Barrance

I teach children, young people and adults to express themselves through filmmaking. I also teach educators how to run filmmaking activities. I run the website

kevin tomlinson

Signed on in 2009 but never formally introduced myself...I'm a  Seattle based doc producer, director, cameraman here to learn and network with other doc filmmakers.  My current film, CRAZYWISE a feature doc about the huge shift in how we diagnose & treat mental illness and the growing movement demanding change from a mental health system in crisis. We're in post production.

Doug, I saw Birch St & Weddings at IDFA and love your work...good to know you're on the welcome party.  just getting my bearings re: how best to use D-Word. (obviously since it took me since '09 to intro myself !)

Doug Block

Hopefully easier to get your bearings these days with the re-design, Kevin.  Thanks for the kind words and best of luck with finishing your film, which is on a subject near and dear to my heart.

Cara Saposnik

We are a Jerusalem based documentary distribution company. Our catalogue features a diverse take on contemporary Israeli and Jewish life. Please feel free to check us out at

Aje Unni

Hi guys, I am Aje Unni a wildlife/documentary filmmaker originally from Bristol but currently living in the Tibetan Plateau. I am glad to be here.

I am currently producing a feature documentary  called 'Of Woman And Earth', it's a story about three elderly nomadic women whose lives are changing with the advent of modernisation and climate change. Currently in production, and also crowdfunding on Kickstarter. As we are are all filmmakers or enthusiasts here, I am reaching out to you to please check out our Kickstarter Page , if you have a minute to spare. 

It would be great if you could support the project in whichever way you can by sharing it with your networks or even pledging to bring the film to life and also to be part of it.  

Ewald Vorster

Hi All! I am new to D-word and find it fascinating, wondering to myself why haven't I turned to a forum like this ages ago. Im born in Johannesburg, South Africa and have been working in film for the lat 12 years. Mostly the production side, Write, Direct, shoot and edit. Ive spend a lot of time in the Middle East in Qatar working on Reality TV and Documentary's for local TV. I am currently busy with my own Documentary and so far so good with the filming and editing but I'm still very much a novice in terms of advertising my film, selling it, generating press, Crowdfunding and film festivals. These are new things to me. So through this site I'm hoping to meet some like minded folks that can share experiences and and various routes and over suggestions in going the right route. Since there is so many ways to skin a cat, its nice the hear and learn whats out there form the people who skin cats everyday! No offence to cats! 

Christina Paschyn

Hi Everyone! Introducing myself. I'm a new documentary filmmaker. Just completed my first feature-length film, A Struggle for Home: The Crimean Tatars. It's about the Crimean Tatars' long (non-violent) battle to free their native land, the Crimean Peninsula, from Russian domination, and everything that has happened to this indigenous population since the 2014 Russian invasion and re-annexation of the peninsula. I've embedded the trailer in this post.

The film is premiering at the Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival in Doha on Nov. 27th. It was also accepted into Docs for Sale at IDFA, and I'll be there starting tomorrow till Nov. 25th. So if anyone wants to meet up, let me know! 

Thanks to Danielle Beverly for enlightening me about this group! See you at Docs for Sale!

Mentioned: Danielle Beverly
Doug Block

Cara, Aje, Ewald and Christina, a warm welcome to The D-Word one and all.  Good luck with your films and, Ewald, I'm sure no cats are taking offense.

Niccole Osborn

Hello All!

By day, I am a low-budget, feature, post production supervisor and coordinator (including Academy-Award winning Whiplash). By night for the past two years, I am producing my first feature documentary, The Making of a King ( on drag kings. We are currently in post production, and looking to gain post & finishing funds and an experienced executive producer.

A little about myself, I'm a member of the LGBTQ community, a fourth generation Mexican-American, and Los Angeles (San Gabriel Valley) native. Anything that moves me and people who are passionate, I can get behind. I joined the IDA this last year and taken many of the master classes as I am eager to learn and produce more docs in the future. My work ethic is based on "where there's a will, there's a way." I'm looking forward to sharing information and working with you all. Thank you for welcoming me into the D-Word community!

Kyle Maddux-Lawrence

Greetings fellow filmmakers. My name is Kyle Maddux-Lawrence.  My wife and I make up MADLAWMEDIA, filmmakers with a true passion for documentaries. We completed two short documentaries last year. One, A Few Things About Cancer (2014), about Caleb Mock, a 25 year old newly-wed unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage IV Burkitt's Lymphoma, which won a Global Film Competition Award of Merit and Best Short Doc at First Glance Film Fest LA ( The director is a friend of ours and we wanted to help in any way we could. We gave Caleb a camera so he could document his experiences of chemotherapy treatment and healing as they came without us being in the way and intercut his footage with some interviews we did at different times throughout the year. Our second film Big Brownie: The O'fish'al Story is in its festival run currently so only have the trailer online (here: Big Brownie is the story of a small but determined Northern Michigan town that has overcome challenges for 40 years to make their beloved Brown Trout Festival happen every year despite a failing economy, a desolated ecosystem, and generational change.  We are currently recovering financially from our projects, haha! We are currently working with other companies, editing Love, Sweat, and Tears (in post), a documentary about the effects of menopause on women and relationships . We are also doing some really fun motion graphics work for Through The Windmill (in post) about the 100 year history of mini golf! Currently crowdfunding with Fractured Atlas and IndieGoGo if you love min golf and want to be part of this really run project. ( 


Enough of the plugging. We are really looking forward to learning from and participating in the D-Word community. We recently had the absolute privilege of attending the Savannah Film Festival and attending the Hollywood Reporter Docs to Watch Directors Roundtable that included the directors from many of this year's Oscar short list for Documentaries. It was an incredible learning experience to hear from a diverse group of talented filmmakers and looking forward to continuing that experience here!

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