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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Farheen Umar


Excited to be on D-Word. I am a documentary filmmaker based in Southern California, originally from Pakistan. I focus on stories of global relevance. I have produced two independent documentaries so far:

Women of Islam - Veiling and Seclusion ( The film takes us to Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and USA to uncover the practice of veiling in Muslim society). This film broadcast on PBS

FARAH - Produced over four years this film follows a three year old Palestinian girl as she arrives to USA for treatment of war injuries and lives with a stranger host family - broadcast on Aljazeera World.

I am always looking for interesting topics to pursue and people to partner with. For details on my project please visit

Kari Paananen

Hello to all!

I like to call myself an independent documentary filmmaker, although it's not really true in the sense of the word that I don't earn my living thru that "occupation". I mainly work for as a journalist in the documentary programmes on the national broadcasting company. But on can dream, and every once in a while one gets a chance to do something independent too. Haven't done any features so far, only short films. The latest is "Napoleon and I", which I've been trying to get screened at al sorts of festivals. I seem to get it only to Finnish ones, although I thought it would cross over, but hasn't really done that at all. The trailer's here:

I'm interested in people, what makes them do the things they do. I also want to find out how they feel about what they're doing. I'm always looking for personal stories that are universal and not just a story of that particular person.

I've been a fan-member in D-Word for many years, sort of... But only today managed to revive my account since I stopped using my original email etc...


Doug Block

Welcome, Kari. To reward you for reviving your account we've upgraded you to Professional member status. I think you'll find The D-Word a whole different experience now that you have access to all the discussion topics.

Peter Rhodes

Hello!  I'm an editor in Boston.  I was an assistant editor in London working on 16mm films and came of age as an editor in the bad old days of 3/4 video.  I nearly gave up to find a new profession when Avid came along just in time, and I have not looked back since.  I've cut films in all the genres the Boston film community has to offer - PBS docs, indie docs, corporate docs.  I've actually been a Fan level D-Word member for years but only started investigating the website recently as a Pro. What a lot of very talented people there are here.  Thanks for letting me be part of the community.


Jonatan Placing


I'm part of an investigative documentary film team at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, and I have 9 years of experience with investigative tv journalism. 

At the team I produce feature-length public service documentaries for the main tv channel - DR1 here in Denmark.

I'm very happy to be part of this community and hope to contribute to discussions and to be inspired.



Doug Block

Peter and Jonatan, great to have you both here with us as new "pro" members. Feel free to leap right into the discussions.

Laura Stoddard

Hello everyone!

I got into documentary production after working in the nonprofit sector. I’ve always been passionate about social justice and storytelling so I finally feel like I’ve found my place. I’m currently living in Los Angeles and working on my first two feature documentaries as an Associate Producer and freelancing as a Production Coordinator for editorials and advertisements on the side.

I’m eager to meet new people in the field for collaboration and support. I’m very glad to have found this community and am looking forward to connecting with some of you!


Keith Carmack

Hey all,

I finally finished my first full-length documentary on a Negro League baseball player. It played well at a few festivals, but I don't have the marketing/politicking in me to get the film out there much further. I'll be looking around the site looking to learn how to get eyes on my doc.

Doug Block

Welcome, Keith, and congrats on the completion of your film. Suggest you check out some of the back posts in the Marketing and Distribution topic for some ideas and inspiration.

Dragos Lumpan

Hello everyone,

I am Dragos Lumpan, Romanian filmmaker and photographer. For 25 years I’ve been working with people. People in their environment became the red thread of all my photo and film projects. Documenting personal spaces within the universe of local communities is what I do best. I’ve filmed and directed many commercials, quite a few shorts and five documentaries, I was the D.O.P for a feature film called The Tank and I published three books. In 2003 I started working for National Geographic on several assignments.

For almost one year I have been working at the post-production of the documentary film Last Transhumance. It will be a 90-minute anthropological documentary, edited out of 100 hours of footage in the 6 countries of the project, numerous interviews with shepherds and with researchers in anthropology. The film will also include time-lapse images created from over 100,000 photos. For the Last Transhumance I am the director, cinematographer and producer.

In order to finish the post production I started a crowdfunding. I would like to meet new people for collaboration, advice, support, especially for promoting this documentary. I’m looking forward to connecting with you.



Jacob Smith

Hi everyone - I just stumbled onto D-Word through word-of-mouth. I'm a Colorado-based documentary filmmaker focused now on a feature about the presidential election and the progressive movement.  At the moment I'm looking for advice on getting the rights on some broadcast and cable network footage but I'll throw that query up separately. Happy to be part of the D-Word community.

Giacomo Tirelli

Hello everyone!

Originally from Milano (Italy), I just moved to Berlin, Germany and I am currently looking for new projects and networking with other documentary-makers in the region or beyond.

My interest and passion for cinema and documentary was acquired during my undergraduate studies in London, where I have developed both theoretical and practical skills in documentary film-making. Overall, I would say that I am particularly interested in social and political documentary.

As I have recently graduated from my master degree at the University of Amsterdam, I am currently in search of new opportunities and I am really keen in meeting other documentary professionals based in Berlin or beyond.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!



Tianjing Zhou

Dear all, I am the design manager for Anbang International, who is the owner of Waldorf Astoria NY. We are looking for a top documentary producer/director to discuss opportunity of documenting the hotel. Please let me know any recommendations. We'd prefer someone based in NYC. And he/she has to be award winning, has rich portfolio and among the best ones across the country.

My email is

Thank you and nice meeting with you all.

Markie Hancock

Hi All, I'm excited to join the d-word.  I've been making documentaries either with clients or for myself for over 20 years.  I have found that the more we can all shoot, produce, direct, edit and market our docs by ourselves, the more isolating the profession has become.   So, I look forward to sharing experiences and expertise along with thoughts and opinions with some fellow documentarians here.  Thanks!

Markie Hancock

New York, NY

Alok Adhikari

Hi all,

I am a young filmmaker and photographer who recently moved to Brooklyn. Most of my film experience has been with narrative fiction, both feature length and short and I have played various roles in both. More recently, since my move to New York, I have become more and more interested in documentary film and visual journalism. My internship as an assistant editor played a big part in sparking this interest. 

I heard about the d-word through word-of-mouth and thought it would be a good resource for someone like me who is just starting out.
You can take a look some of my photographs at


Niam Itani

Welcome to The D-Word, Bill, Tianjing, Markie and Alok. Feel free to jump right into the conversations. 

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