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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Graeme Benson

Hi. My name is Graeme Benson. I am a freelance documentary filmmaker based in Sheffield, U.K. I am about to start making a film about the real ale industry in Sheffield. My idea is to tell the story of the industry and the people who work/ed in it. I'd love to hear any advice from shooters about how to develop this idea and angles to look at. I believe I have access to film the brewery process and am presently setting up interviews. I operate, as a single shooter/editor mostly because of financial restrictions. So if anybody out there in hyperspace would like to suggest ideas about getting the story, I'd be really pleased to hear from you. Thanks for reading my message.

Doug Block

Welcome, David and Graeme.  

In reply to David Mercer's post on Wed 27 Apr 2016:

David, we've bumped you up to Pro status so that you'll have access to many more of the discussion topics here. Good luck with your transition into docs, and hopefully we'll be a really useful resource and support for you.  So you know, every documentary filmmaker feels isolated, even those living in New York City like myself, which is one of the reasons I founded The D-Word in the first place.  So, welcome to the club.

In reply to Graeme Benson's post on Thu 28 Apr 2016:

Graeme, good questions but this isn't the topic to ask them in.  This is really just to briefly introduce yourself.  We discourage double posting but in your case it's fine to ask again in the Works in Progress topic.


Graeme Benson

Hi - I'm a freelance filmmaker based in Sheffield, U.K. Great to discover the d.word as don't know a sausage in local area to bounce ideas off for filmmaking. Looking forward to discussing and exploring ideas about documentary filmmaking. Cheers, Graeme Benson

Sean Ender

Hello all, I recently relocated back to my native Colorado and took the leap into self-employment doing post-production. I spent the past five years in Boston primarily as a staff editor doing museum films. I edited films for clients such as the 9/11 Memorial, Gettysburg and The Mob Museum. I also do quite a bit of motion graphics and visual effects work. On the side, I've worked a lot as a freelance editor on TV shows, short films and web videos. The last TV series I edited was The Appraisers on Discovery Velocity which aired this past winter. I moved back to Colorado about a month ago and started EnderPost Inc. I'm an avid outdoorsman, love to fly fish, backpack and ski. I enjoy combining my love of the outdoors and adventure with my passion for editing and storytelling. Please feel free to check out some of my work on my website I look forward to getting more involved in this community, learning and sharing experiences with you all. And of course, feel free to reach out if you need an post-production guy!

Tanner Shinnick

Hi everyone! I was excited to find the community here. I'm a documentary filmmaker who just relocated to my roots in the South. I recently completed my first feature doc, Llama Nation, which won Best Documentary at the Omaha Film Festival and the Utah Film Awards. The film also just signed a global distribution deal  which we're really excited about. It will be having a worldwide release later this year. 

I'm looking forward to participating in the community and getting to know all of you via the interwebz. From the short time I've been here I've seen lots of valuable information that I look forward to taking into my next doc. 

Feel free to check out my work at and I've also posted a trailer to my film below. 


Adam Bradshaw

Hi D-worders! I currently work as a Production Coordinator for TV/Film in Los Angeles but also produce commercials, music videos, short films and docu-series as an independent Producer. I first fell in love with documentaries doing a short doc for my college thesis called "Let Me Be Brave" following a Special Olympics basketball team but now I am looking to get back into the doc world and tell a new story in my first feature-length. Looking forward to being a part of the community and learning from everyone. Cheers!

Bill Oxford

Hi — I shoot stock photography exclusively for Getty Images and stock video as well. With my recent purchase of the new Canon C100 Mark II, I plan to start making narrative documentaries, as I am retired now, living in northern California at The Sea Ranch. The technical and artistic challenges of documentary film inspires me and I look forward to learning from and contributing to this forum.

Summers Henderson

In reply to Bill Oxford's post on Wed 11 May 2016:

 Hello Bill.  That sounds like a great idea, to retire to The Sea Ranch -- one of my favorite spots to visit, and surely full of photogenic locales.  Good luck starting your work in documentaries.  My advice: It's all about finding a compelling story.

Brandon Ross

Hey! My name is Brandon. I'm a newish documentary producer. I've completed 3 films and am now working on my 4th. My goal is to create compelling social awareness films. I really do love the movie making progress, but have no interest in making scripted films (just a personal preference). Sooo, if someone needs a helping hand and I'm available, then lets collaborate. I don't make documentary films to make money, just love them. brandon(at)rossmovingpictures(dot)com

Carl Welden

Howdy to all my new D-Word people!
My name is Carl, I am a freelance location sound recordist, serving as a boom-operator and/or production sound mixer.
I'm based in New York's Hudson Valley region, nestled in the Catskill Mountains, but travel wherever the job takes me.
My background: 17 years touring in theater, 12 years live sound, 5 years broadcast production.
All this is encompassed by 20 years as a voice talent, should anyone be seeking a narrator.
So whether capturing the subject's voices, or my own, clear dialog capture is my goal and superb sound is my passion!
Here is a link to a Google Doc of my location sound resume and gear list

I can also be found on LinkedIn and Stage32

Pleased to meet you!
-Carl Welden

Clay Murrell

Hi everyone!

I currently work for a stock footage production company and also shoot and edit short comedy films. I am looking to start creating documentary shorts as well and I think this is a valuable resource!

Henry English

Hi. I am pleased to be joining the rest of you as a member of The D-Word.

I am presently trying to complete an hour-long documentary on photographer Joe McNally’s magnum opus, FACES of GROUND ZERO. You might have heard of his phenomenal life-size, full length Polaroid portraits of all manner of people caught up in the attack on the World Trade Center. September will be the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

I am also developing a documentary about the 1879 Ute Uprising that two years later resulted in the US Army marching the Utes out of their ancestral lands in Colorado at gun point to reservations in Utah. A dedication at the Milk Creek Battlefield last September brought Utes and white Coloradans together in a spirit of reconciliation. The Ute side of the conflict has yet to be told.

My first documentary was YOU SEE WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY (1967), a portrait of jazz musician Marion Brown. It appeared in the 1968 New York Film Festival, Special Events Division and subsequently on Boston’s WGBH and German TV. Renewed interest was sparked by Brown’s death in October, 2010. The film was presented Opening Night of last fall’s Nitehawk Shorts Festival in Brooklyn.

Between my first and present efforts, I worked in TV Commercial Production as an Agency Producer, Executive Producer and Director, and in Corporate Television as a Writer, Producer, Director and Editor through English Motion Media, Inc., my production company. I’ve also done performance videos of jazz, rock, classical and opera.

I still have lots to learn, but also have something to give.

Doug Block

Wow, lots of new dudes coming aboard here lately! Sean, Tanner, Adam, Bill, Brandon, Carl, Clay, Henry... a very warm welcome to you all.

kate jangra

Hi everyone,

I'm a filmmaker and full-time mum of 2. i've just made a film called Freedom to Learn. Here's the trailer:

I'm hoping to spread the word about my film but i am also just looking for an animator who can help me to do a fairly simple animation....?



Mahmood H. Hussein

Hello, Dear documentary writers, makers, and directors how are you?

I hope all are doing fine and having a glorious day. 

Doug Block

Welcome, Kate.  And we're all doing fine, Mahmood.  Why don't you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Greg Latham

Hey everyone, I'm Greg and I'm a documentary/ethnographic filmmaker currently based in Berlin. I'm studying for my M.A in Visual Anthropology at the Freie University here and am currently making a doc about LGBT football supporters in London. I've done a few other short docs here and there for artists and museums, as well as one about women gamers.


Maria Covell

Hello everyone! I have absolutely no experience in documentary film but am currently laying the ground work for my first project. I am hoping that my passion and creativity will keep me going to create something beautiful.  I am looking for basic professional guidance and inspiration... so far it seems I have landed in a good place. =)

Fabian Schmid

Hey guys, glad to be here. I have been studying in a course with a focus on audiovisual media in Zurich, Switzerland for the past three years. We had lots of interesting collaborations with partners in many different sectors. I have been working on a web documentary series called fika: to have coffee for the last few months, which I have published this week (well, only the 1st episode so far). Looking forward to being part of this community.

Doug Block

Welcome aboard, Greg, Maria and Fabian.  Maria, love your photo!

Maria Covell

Thank you Doug! :) Might I ask.. where is the best place to either find a mentor or chat about the beginning phases of making a doc? I am continuing to do a lot of research but want to make sure I don't miss any vital steps of the process. I will probably head over to the mentoring topic section but I wasn't sure how it all works!

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