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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Paul Burke

Hello all!  I am very happy to be joining the D-word community!  I first discovered the D-Word through friends at UnionDocs in Brooklyn.  I have worked as a location scout in the SF Bay Area for many years, and have been slowly making the transition into producing my first documentary feature.    My current film is a personal, archival journey about a priest and a nun in Catholic Los Angeles of the 1960s who fall in love, get married, start a family and become my parents.   Below is the trailer.

Merav Klein

Hi, I am working in Tali - The Collecting Society of Film and Television Creators in Israel.

Lately We have been trying to accurate our doc-press/doc- investigation definition in our repertoire rules document. we are trying do find definition that distinguish a documentary film from a 'light' documentary film that mainly engaged in specific news event (most brodcast in a magazin shows).

I would appreciate any help in that matter.


Niam Itani

Welcome to The D-Word, Kai, Paul & Merav.  Love the story, Paul! 

Glenn Patscha

Hello All. Very happy to have found the D-Word community. I am a Canadian composer/musician that is currently living in Brooklyn. I love composing for film and I am personally a lover of documentaries. I am interested in collaborating on films and can bring a vast and varied range of musical knowledge and experience to film scoring. I just recently finished composing songs and score for Finnish Director Alli Haapasalo's feature film "Syysprinssi" (Love and Fury) and some short films with Mary Ellen Mark and Martin Bell. I am currently available for scoring projects in the coming months.

I look forward to expanding my professional community and meeting new creative people here!

Thanks D-Word!

Meredith Lobsinger

Hello Everybody!

I am a documentary filmmaker and editor who recently moved from Boston MA to Westchester, NY and am seeking ways to expand and connect with the doc community in the city. 

Doug Block

Glenn and Meredith, a warm welcome to The D-Word. Glad to have you aboard.

Charles Bower

Hi D-Word, I've made a pilot episode  for a projected doc series called "Whatever Happened To Miracles?" and I'm looking for a producing partner.

There's a 90-sec sizzle reel here:

Marta Campos Reis

Hi: I am happy to be here and eager to learn from you!

I am a documentary filmmaker and researcher gathering info on contemporary documentaries that use ‘fixed shots’.

If you are working on this subject or know where I can find this kind of info/databases or metrics please let me know. Thanks!

Michael Jacobsohn

Since the late 60s, I have been involved with moving images. I was fortunate to attend the Henry Street Settlement Movie Club as a teenager, where I learned the craft of 16mm movie making. During my four years attendance, I was able to make several shorts, some of which were screened at festivals, museums and TV stations.

After my Movie Club days, I did a stint as an audio man on film projects, and I edited several educational video projects. This led me to have a 28 year career as an ABC News and Sports editor.

After ABC News, I got back into the groove of making personal documentaries. I just completed James, Hugo and Me, my second full-length documentary.

Domingo Sanchez Bor

Hello everyone of you great people. I am so happy to post this note and feel this is a great forum to get to know peoples and careers from all over the planet. my name is Domingo, I have been writting and playing music all my life, but I have a great interest to in filmmaking and editing, right now am working on a documentary about Modesta Bor,the great composer from Venezuela, who happens to be my mother.  I have now about 24 minutes long first cut, but I will take it to a 72 minutes documentary with a probable twist as a biographical picture with some fictional-like scenes of her life. Well, I am here because I like to meet people who work in the field and learn and exchange ideas about film. I think for sure filmmaking is my life. Great to be in touch with ya all. 

Alexandra Dalsbaek

Hello everyone. I'm glad to join the D-Word! I'm currently working on my first documentary. I filmed a group of muscovite young adults with Down syndrome, working on a theatre show. For the first time in Russia, the choreographer of the project, decided they would perform alone on stage on the day of the premiere. I want to make a film about this artistic challenge but also about family and what these uncomon artists parents had to go through to stay together despite the prejudice of Russian society. I look forward to learn and share in this community!

Miri Chais

Hi everyone.  My name is Miri, and this is my first documentary film project.  I am a multimedia artist,  and have done a lot with video art,  but never an entire feature.  

The film deals with Washington Square Park in New York,  and the lively community of street artists and local personalities who have made it their home base.  I try to blend the individual stories -  which are fascinating and often quite poignant - with some historical perspective and varying scenes of the park and its visitors throughout the year.  

Looking forward to joining this wonderful community!

Doug Block

Welcome, Miri. Given your experience, we've upgraded you to Professional status, which will give you access to many more of the discussion topics. Please take a moment to fill out your member profile (and upload a photo) when you can.

Alexandra Fisher

Hi everyone!

I'm Alexandra and happy to be joining D-Word. I'm a filmmaker and have been making commercials for several years. I'm now working on my first documentary. It's a documentary about a documentary -- it tells the story of how I went to India to make a film about a man who teaches slum children under a metro bridge in New Delhi, as seen in the 2013 World Press award-winning photographs "The School For Less Fortunate". This is a personal story about the ethical and moral issues I run into when I start making my film. I'm currently looking for an editor (preferably in NY) who speaks Hindi to cut a teaser/trailer/sizzle for the film. Open to also finding someone in India. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!

I look forward to being a part of this community!

Niam Itani

Welcome to The D-Word, Alexandra! Your project sounds exciting. Please feel free to post in the Classifieds Topics -if you haven't :) 

Judith Steele Parolini

Working within the intercultural and language learning profession for many years I have based many programs on the visual as a way to connect across the cultural divide. From extensive video work in Japan, I am now in the Doctor of Creative Arts, a hybrid research degree:  thesis and documentary. My main research base is in visual anthropology and ethnographic film and I must be able to defend any assumptions, and decisions that I make in the assembly of the film in selection of images - iconic representations,  footage and sections of interviews. Progress is good ,however the dual thread of film plus thesis needs to be juggled effectively. New territory for the academic world. any ideas  would be nice to hear. Judy

Jane Schinasi

HELLO ! Would you like to become the financial partner of our documentary series « THE HOPE BEARERS »
It is now broadcast in France on Ushuaia TV &  TV5 worldwide and we are looking for international channels as well. 
I know some of you share the same social and humanitarian values as us so we could do a mutual sponsorship.

I have already directed 8 times 52 minutes all around the world with this documentary series to show solutions regarding climate change; poisoned water and food, education, health, politics and so forth.
Our episode in the US talks about food and how can vertical farming be a solution to prevent us from eating chemicals. 
For you to discover our work in season 1, here is our 4 times 52 minutes TEASER which lasts 4 minutes :

Here is a link of crowdfunding where you have access to all of our work to help us make media tell the truths and give solutions to people for a BETTER WORLD
https://www.onemillionsparks.c om/campaigns/the-hope-bearers/   

Here is our Facebook page : howLesPORTEURSdESPOIR

I stay available to organize an appointment and thank you very much for your time and interest in our project and request.

Hoping to hear from you soon, I wish you a very good day, 
Jane Schinasi 

Andrea LeHeup

Hi Everyone!

I'm Andrea, I discovered D-Word through DOC NYC and am excited to be part of this wonderful community of filmmakers to learn, share knowledge, and offer my services. I've worked as a graphic designer for a variety of cultural clients for the past 20+ years, including creating branding and promotional materials for radio documentaries to air across national public stations. I've also been immersed in photography as well as shooting short video clips in my free time.  I want to make a short film and have challenged myself to learn everything I can about the process. In the meantime, I'm interested in working with filmmakers to offer my graphic design services for branding and promotional support, i.e. film titles, film posters and other promotional materials, websites, etc. Cheers! 

Frederick J Weinberg

Hey Now.

I'm Freddy. A Storyteller. Writer. Director. And Video Editor by trade. I've worked mainly on news and sports. Been lucky enough to cut a couple of docs for the NFL & UFC. My most recent attempt at taking the world by storm was my first book Barely Human: A Dirtman's Journey Into the First Year of Fatherhood.  Check it out. Watch the Video. All feedback welcome.  But now I'm switching gears a little. Refocusing on Visual Storytelling and working with a partner on a new online show. It's called The Devil You Know. And the idea is fairly simple. Each week we plan to take a look at a hot button issue by excerpting documentary films which represent valid views from both sides (I know there are more than 2 sides) We also plan to use a little comedy to lampoon the radical fringes. I'm starting here to drum up ideas and meet with filmmakers. My preliminary topics are Guns. Drugs. Sex. Government & Capitalism.  Looking for ideas, collaborators and most of all stories that capture a specific viewpoint linked to any of those topics. Or any others you may suggest. Nice to be here. 


Freddy J 


Doug Block

Welcome to The D-Word, Freddy J (no need to sign your posts, btw - your name shows up automatically over them).  I like the idea for your online show, but of course makes me wonder how you got funded and plan to make it sustainable.  Feel free to tell us in the Works in Progress topic, if you're so inclined.  And best of luck with it.

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