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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Doran L. Barton

Hello all. I am currently working on my first real documentary project which is about Ernie Jimenez, a man who holds the current long distance target shooting record  with open sights of around 1500 yards. He will be attempting to break his own record by successfully hitting a 36-inch metal plate with open sights from 2,240 yards. I've gathered lots of interview footage as well as some footage of him shooting at his private range in Antelope Valley, CA. The actual shoot takes place in a couple of weeks and then I plan to follow up with some more interviews. 


Here's an early teaser:

Doug Block

Welcome to The D-Word, Doran and Sharon.  And best of luck with your projects.

Heather Hutson

I just moved to New York (from Atlanta) to further explore the world of documentary filmmaking. I'm currently directing and producing a doc on Atlanta's Clermont Hotel ( We're in post, aiming to finish it this summer so that we can submit it to festivals starting in August. This is a big milestone for me since it'll be my first doc! I'm grateful this community exists and look forward to getting involved. Thanks to all of the hosts for keeping it up and running!

Doug Block

You're entirely welcome, Heather.  Glad to have you here at The D-Word.  Keep us posted on your short's progress.

Brian Fannon

I had a dream of my favorit tv show being brought back  but the name was changed to the D word. That didnt happen.

so here I am trying to find out what the hell im doing here .

if you have a Idea for me let me know . don't bullshit me .

Jason Perdue

Brian, this show used to be called Freaks and Geeks.

Matt James Smith

Hello everyone. I'm from an art school background and only got into filmmaking seriously a couple of years ago. I'm a one-man-band paying the bills doing short online promotional docs, mostly for socially-engaged organisations but have a long-standing interest in the documentary form. I hope being here will help me develop my skills and understanding of the discipline. I will contribute positively where I can. 

My latest project:


Doug Block

Matt, from one one-man band to another, welcome to The D-Word!

Ian Q. Rowan


I'm currently in production of a documentary highlighting the plight of Narwhals, and their lone Inuit defender, of Baffin Bay when seismic cannon mapping for oil exploration begins this summer. We've filmed the initial portion of the feature doc covering Mayor Jerry Natanine's constitutional appeal in Federal Court of Toronto against the approval by the National Energy Board of the survey this summer.  They aim to use seismic cannons that are known to cause deafness and death in whales, they produce some of the loudest sounds on earth (up to 260dB) every ten seconds, 24 hrs a day, for months on end for the next 5 years. We're currently seeking funding for our next production shoot in Clyde River, Baffin Bay as the annual narwhal migration occurs. Any and all support and advice is greatly appreciated. Especially anyone whom has filmed in the arctic before (some of the challenges, Inuit customs, etc.)

Thanks and look forward to the discussion.

Ian Rowan


More info here at

And an



Doug Block

Afraid I don't have any specific advice, Ian, but we're really pleased to have you joining us here at The D-Word. Welcome aboard!

Howard Lukk

Hello D-Word... I just found out about the wonderful formum here and had to sign up. I have been working in the entertainment bussiness for longer than I care to remember and have always been a fan of docs. I started shooting a family story as a documentary about almost 15 years ago and of course my day job got in the way of ever finishing it. But now I have left the safety of a steady paycheck to finally follow my calling. I have a couple of short films under my belt and lobbied hard for a writer/director position on a doc titled "MOVING IMAGES". We just finshed showing our 4 minute "sizzle" piece at NAB to a great response. Of course like all movies we are still reaching out for funding to close the gap between our indiegogo campaign and our expected budget. So I have some time to breathe and then get back to research and writing before we get back into production again.

Moving Images is an in-depth look into the people and technology behind the scenes of the motion imaging industry: Cinema, television and beyond. It’s focus is on the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), 100 years: The effect of the Society on the entertainment industry, the way we consume content today, and how it will influence the future of content creation and consumption.

 This documentary will explore the symbiotic relationship of artist, businessman, government and engineer and the ways that working together new art forms are created and transformed.  This combined with the role of standardization has brought us new forms of entertainment and communication using motion pictures in the form of movies, television, stage shows, games and the web.

I am very excited to be a part of this film and also excited to be a part of this community. Nice to meet all 12,000 of you!


Doug Block

Greetings, Howard.  Nice that you've found your calling and nice that you found us here at The D-Word. Welcome.

Brandon Berry

Hey guys,

I am a documentary filmmaker living in Tel Aviv.

I am currently involved in a few projects that focus on the individuals who live in this region. 


here is a link to my most recent (non documentary) project.

Doug Block

Welcome, Brandon. Glad you found your way here.

Alexei Barrionuevo

Hey all,

It's a pleasure to join your group. The dialogue and support seems highly encouraging.

I am a first-time feature documentary director but longtime journalist who spent most of my career as a reporter and foreign correspondent at The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.  I am stubbornly trying to make a shift to the documentary film production world, which feels like a calling.

My first documentary is a social commentary about superstar DJs and the evolution of electronic dance music. It's called, "Waiting For The Drop." It features some of the biggest DJs in the world, including Tiësto, Paul Oakenfold, Hardwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Carl Cox and Kaskade. We began work on it in 2013 and are about to go into editing (see a post about our search for a new editor I will put in the professional classifieds later today). It's been an exciting, fun escape from my traditional journalism career, though that wasn't so boring, either!

Here's a link to the trailer:

If you know of a great editor (North American-based, please) that might want to take on a 6-8-week edit on the rough starting as soon as 2 weeks from now, please fire me an email at

All best,





Doug Block

Glad to have you joining us, Alexei.  And best of luck with your new calling.

Chuck Potter

Hello D-Word community!  I'm very excited to be here.

My name is Chuck Potter and I am a independent documentary producer in the San Francisco Bay area.  I am currently in production on "The Other Side Of Silicon" which is telling the story of the residents of the Buena Visat Mobile Home Park in Palo Alto, California.  

With property vaules going through the roof and housing being the number one issue facing residents of Silicon Valley, Buena Vista is one of the few remaining peices of afforable housing in the area, and its up for sale.  The current residents are fighting for their homes, and with the only afforabable housing solutions for them being well over 40 or 50 miles away, it's a diaster in the making.

The website for the film can be found at: .

I'll be asking for advice on any number of production and post-production topics, so again, I am very excited to be here!


Diego Torres

Hi everyone!

I'm Diego Torres, a Spanish journalist and a newcomer to the documentary world. I've been working as a reporter and video journalist in China during the last five years and now I'm currently in the post-production phase of my first documentary, a feature about Chinese civil society called 'The Foolish Old Man'. 

'The Foolish Old Man' explores the rising tensions between an increasingly active civil society and the most sophisticated repression system in the world. We witness the plight of four Chinese activists and how they fight for a better future for their country. Some confront the Government. Some try not to cross the red lines established by the Communist Party. Which one is the right way to make a better China?

I'm very excited about the possibility of learning from the D-Word community. Currently we have a 120' rough cut online and we need to reduce it to a 90' minutes piece. We would greatly appreciate your help and we're open to send you an online link to the rough cut. If you're willing to waste two hours of your time and give us some useful advises on how to make our film better, please get in touch.

Thank you very much!!!


Doug Block

Welcome, Diego and Chuck.  Diego, if you're comfortable with the idea, feel free to post a link to your online version in our Works in Progress topic.  The video will play directly from there, and making it easier for people to watch always helps.  FYI, the Pro area of The D-Word is private and not suseptable to search engines or the eyes of the public at large.  That said, totally understand if you don't want to post it directly.

Diego Torres

Dear Doug, thanks a lot. I'll talk it through with my partner.

Stephanie King

I'm starting a project about a sex worker from a white supremacist family who, by total coincidence, moves in with a rival family on Long Island. She has since left the household, but thereafter, wound up in a psych ward with the sister of her aunt by an interracial marriage on the white supremacist side of the family and the details are simply mind blowing. I'm looking for anyone interested in knowing more. I want to pitch as much as possible, so even if you are just curious, let me know.  I welcome critique. 

Daniel Simmonds

Hi Everyone

I'm Dan from the UK and I've become interested in creating a documentary so I've come here to learn from the Pro's. I'm a complete novice minus some photography experience.

Thanks for the advice your sharing.

John Burgan

Tell us something more about the documentary you want to make, Daniel.

Paul Walker

Hello One and All!

Am a Londoner working with a partner (and a small crew) attempting to do justice to an incredible story filled with amazing, damaged people going through a mental and physical journey to a better place.  We are literally sandwiched between two, fully professional, documentary crews pitching major channels on stories which are in close-proximity to ours to the point their footage covers some of the same people as us!  Their stories are different but we are terrified they will see the power of the story we are coveringand muscle us out of the way.

We are a group of London-based amateurs (sound, DoP, directors, camera op) who have got together to create our first, 'feature' length documentary.  The expectation is we will fail but in the process of failure, learn how to create and commercialise a documentary so the next one will be successful.  Or maybe the one after... we hope!

My personal experience is mainly music vids, interviews, short films and really short form shooting.  This means the prospect of shooting, marketing and attempting to sell a doc is a Herculean task which is genuinely as tough as hell but at the same time, hopefully rewarding in the end.  Ultimately, I did not start on this journey to make money, rather to tell wonderful stories which are worth recounting and at the very least, hope I will have something worth watching at the end of it.

If you want to have a little look at a directors reel (short films, music vids etc...):

Look forward to learning from you all.


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