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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Niam Itani

Welcome back to The D-Word, Judy. As Doug said, once a D-Worder, always a D-Worder! 

Nicholas Czerula

Hello all,

I am new to D-Word. I run a small commercial production company serving the automotive aftermarket, sport industry and local businesses. I have created a handful of short narratives on people and hope to continue doing so. Usually self-funded and distributed. I love charcter studies and telling people's stories.

Hoping to connect with folks in the doc world to grow and develop my craft.

John Burgan

Just watched the first two minutes of your World War II: The Last Frontier (2017) which starts off in a traditional manner with WWII archive and voiceover describing the world situation in 1943, but then talks of John F Kennedy (born 1917) as POTUS and Lenin (who died in 1924) as if he were still alive. So it's probably intended as a spoof or an ironic joke ("trustyoursources") but to be honest I lost interest in watching any more. 

Rick Meghiddo

We are all visual people, so I guess I'll start from the here and now. I just entered a video contest titled "Inspired by Israel." My entry is Normality Lo-Normali: Everyone can vote. Watch it (4:56') and if you feel like voting, please vote. It's a two phase competition: phase 1 by popularity and phase 2 by a jury. Only the 10 top in popularity will get a chance to be judged. Every vote counts! Why is this important? because it shows aspects normal life in Israel rarely shown by the media, and it will challenge misconception and distorted views. 

Wanda Acosta

Hello there. I am a visual artist and event producer currently collaborating on my first documentary film as director and producer. The film captures a historical moment in lesbian/queer history in downtown NYC in the early 1990s.

Kate Prendergast

HI All, I am working on my first film and looking to connect with others doing the same for feedback, support , encouragement etc. My project is focused on an artist active in the period of American art when it transitioned from abstract expressionism -to POP, performance, multimedia etc. more information about that at . As a first timer I am excited and often overwhelmed with some problem- thinking it probably has some super simple solution that I don't know about - and thinking there must be so many challenges ahead that I am not yet aware of. Glad to have found the forum . I have been filming and editing for about 6 months. I recently got a whole $200 honorarium for showing a clip of my film as part of an arts program (does that make me a pro?) . Recently I am surprised to discover that I have actually learned a thing or two in the past half year and looking forward to learning more.  Kate

Dave Merson Hess

Hi All,

I'm jumping into my first feature-length doc editing gig, and thought it'd be a great time to join The D-Word. I'm also in production on a short animated documentary about a mixtape (as writer/director), and planning the second edition of an animation festival here in Houston.

My personal site:
My animation studio:
The animation festival I mentioned:

Abhi Singh

Hi everyone, 

I am a documentary filmmaker working on stories about artists in the Bay Area. Just finished a short film No Vacancy that screened at CAAM (Center for Asian American Media) here in San Francisco about two weeks ago. Prior to that I created work for KQED as a Media Producer on their arts desk. 

No Vacancy explores the struggles of San Francisco artists as they contend with exorbitant rent prices, developers looking to convert art spaces into luxury condos and a city that isn’t paying attention to them.

I'm happy to be a part of this community. A shout out to Aaron Soffin who recommended this community to me. 

My work can be found at

- Abhi


Claudio Ragazzi

Hi everyone, good to be here;

I am a Film Composer with tons of experience , I also teach Film Composition at Berklee College of Music and produce / perform in a regular basis nationally as well as internationally. You can hear my music in films like "Somethings Gotta Give" featuring Jack Nicholson and Dianne Keaton; "Next Stop Wonderland" with Phillip Seymour Hoffman; and Social Docs like "The Last Mountain" or "The Price of Sugar".
I would like to connect with all of you to offer my music, original Film Scoring as well as pre existing music from my personal music library.

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting in this forum.

My website is:


John Burgan

Great to have you here, Claudio; as you're new to The D-Word, you've overlooked one of the few rules we have which is not to make duplicate posts in multiple topics. The basic thing is to choose a Topic and stick with it - this is fine here, but the other two have been deleted. 

Peter Rhodes

In reply to Claudio Ragazzi's post on Mon 3 Apr 2017:

 I just want to say that I have worked on several docs with Claudio and can highly recommend him.  A lovely guy who is easy to work with, very creative and great at writing in many styles of music. He is also an amazing guitar player.

Niam Itani

Welcome to The D-Word, Claudio & Abhi. Good to have you here! 

Evan McGillivray

Hey, Just wanted to say hello. I am living in LA getting my start in Commercial editorial, working on my first feature doc, in the development stage. 

Jem Moore

Hi All,

I jumped into making films in 2008 by editing together some footage for a small classical music festival in KC. I loved it so much I bought a camera and off I went. I have one feature doc that played some festivals, and a gaggle of short docs that are mostly character studies. I love all the aspects of film making, and I am looking forward to learning more here from all of you. This is my third career, and hopefully not my last. Cheers! 

Sharon Wood

Greetings all,

After lurking for years, I plan to be a more active member now that I'm starting to put together a trailer and rewrite my treatment for a feature doc about a 17th century Ottoman travel writer named Evliya Çelebi.  Curious, cosmopolitan, funny, a great storyteller, and devout Muslim, he saw the Europeans as the Other -- which didn't stop him from talking with them.  Take a little Cervantes, a pinch of Rebelais and Shakespeare's comedies, and you'll get a very general sense of how Evliya wrote -- though he's also remarkably unique in his ability to bring his world vividly to life.

I've been slowly edging toward the film for some time, and got a boost this past year by a Fulbright Fellowship in Turkey. Evliya traveled for 40 years and wrote a 10 volume manuscript, of which more than enough has been translated to English for filmmaking purposes.  Here's hoping I won't have to travel anywhere near as long as I'm getting started at a much older age than he did.  If you're interested in Evliya, there's some posts about him on my blog:

Down the road I'll be pursuing European co-producers but for the next few months, it's trailer and treatment time.  Glad to be an active D-Word member at last.  My pal Vivian Kleiman has always sung your praises and I look forward to doing so too.


Fausto Garcia

Hello Community,
I am a universitary professor, and participated as producer in fiction films, and discovered the educational power of documentary films in recent years. So I started studying and then working on educational films. I recently produced and co directed an internet episode of a documentary about Argentinean Youtubers ( I am also working on some small fiction and non fiction projects related with ethics and decision making for entrepreneurs. Hopefully these projects will be finished by august 2017.
I usually develop these films in spanish, but I wonder whether it could be a good idea to translate them to English.
I recently discovered D-word community and hope to be helpful. Just starting to understand how it works.
Thanks for reading and best regards!

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