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Franco Consales

In reply to Caitlin Kelley's post on Thu 17 Feb 2011 :

Hello Caitlin I made in Tanzania a documentary about Maasai Tribe, I've shown I think a positive aspect of african culture. I would be glad if you can give a look to this documentary,
I'm also trying to create in Tanzania a school/workshop for young people that want to learn about video and storytelling

Let me know if you are interested,
Franco Consales

Blaire Johnson

In reply to Franco Consales's post on Thu 3 Mar 2011 :

Hi Franco. Thanks for your interest in our project. We are hoping to launch it in the next few days, depending upon our collaboration with our web man. I'm very interested in hearing if they are building a lot of homes with industrial hemp in Italy. I'll send you our link as soon as it's up. I know we are probably going to be interested in some collaboration in Great Britain, France and Canada, though Italy isn't currently on our radar. I'm also trying to compile good looking photos of hemp houses and hemp buildings from around the world, so I'd greatly appreciate photos of anything you might come across.

All the best~

Ben Kempas

Welcome to The D-Word, everyone!

By the way, there is no need to sign your posts with names or URLs. We enjoy an ongoing conversation here. Cheers!

Linda Wasson

Hello and welcome Blaire – my first degree is in Animal Science, which is an agriculture degree. It was my understanding growing hemp in the U.S. was illegal but I've only returned since 2009; I was living in Asia since 2003. Did the law change? or what? if so this is absolutely GREAT news because many farmers here are more than aware of the incredible fantastic versatility of hemp (yes, more than just rope!) and have wanted to grow it for years but couldn't because of the drug enforcement bureacracy.

Please share more or if you want email me off list. I'm totally psyched about your project!

Jeremy Pevar

Hey all. I'm a long-time video editor (Avid & FCP) making the transition to producing and directing documentaries. My first project is well under way – a presentation can be viewed at: password: 123MOVE

I'd love to hear folks' thoughts on the project and the presentation.

Swati Dandekar

Hi, I direct docu films... some commissioned work, and some independent. My most recent film is "Water and a City". The website of the film is

I am new here and still trying to get a hang of what this forum is all about. Look forward to finding out!

Doug Block

Great to have you here, Swati and Jeremy. Welcome.

Laura Marshallsay

Hi everyone, I am a public historian new to docs. In April I will be defending my master’s thesis – a study of the experiences of women in the Women’s Army Corps as they made the transition into the all-male Army of the 1970s. As part of my research, I conducted oral history interviews of women who enlisted during this transition period and will use them as part of a documentary called Transforming Athena. These women responded, in part, to Army recruiting ads of the 1970s which promised them travel, education, and most importantly, equal opportunity. But could equal opportunity truly exist in “this man’s Army?”

As part of my thesis project, I had to learn a great deal about the non-camera work that goes into a doc: treatments, budgets, funding, rights, etc. That was a huge learning curve (and still is!) My next mission is to create a budget (and could use some input if anyone would like to put in their two cents off board). What I did take away from this is that I love doing creative work. I have enough footage for my trailer (which is all I need for my thesis), but I want to do more interviews to get a wider demographic of women. Hopefully I can make this into a proper doc in the future. I look forward to hearing about all of your projects!