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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Doug Block

Howdy and welcome, Lori. So why is someone making grassroots docs for policy change going to a panel on personal docmaking, huh huh? ;-)

Lori H. Ersolmaz

I signed up for the day, so was there for that panel as well. I'm actually interested in all kinds of documentaries and personal essays are interesting to me from a sociological standpoint. I however, believe that real change only happens through legislative change. Perhaps at least one can measure the change in some way... I'm really enjoying the topic dialog with Pat Aufderheide about the Honest Truths report.

Julia Welbourne

Dear D-word Nation,
Hello, My name is Julia Welbourne and I'm a freelance producer/editor who just recently moved from NYC to Seattle. I'm happy to have finally joined D-word at the advice of many!

I've worked on a number of feature docs over the last several years, wearing the many obligatory hats of documentary work. From development and coordinating to post management and editing.

Coming from the east, my Pacific Northwest network is small yet and I'm interested in not only developing some projects of my own, but in collaborating and networking with other local filmmakers.

Please feel encouraged to check out my profile for a more detailed bio- especially if you are in the PAC/Seattle area!

Thanks, and so glad to be here.

Ryan Ferguson

the sausage fest just got a whole lot... uh... less sausagy

Doug Block

Welcome, Julia. FYI, Ryan is referring to the predominance of male, um, members in the Seattle area. They're clearly excited, and perhaps a wee threatened, by the diversity you bring to the area.

Marth Christensen

Seattle Face 2 Face event is at 7:00 p.m., tomorrow, Sunday at the Village Inn down by Pike Place.
Check the F2F postings.

Julia Welbourne

Thanks so much Marth-
I'll definitely be there!

And thanks also for the welcome Doug and thanks Ryan, I think.


Kevin Railsback

Hello Everyone,

Visited this site now and then but never really had the time to be as involved as I'd like.

My passion is nature and wildlife but I've embarked on a doc about a local professional dance team. So I'm sure I'm going to need loads of advice in order to pull of something that's not in my normal comfort zone.

Beth Toni Kruvant

Hi Doug,
It just came to me that 31 Birch St is like Hamlet. Has any one ever told you that?

Doug Block

Actually, you're the first, Beth. But I'll assume it's a compliment, so thanks.

FYI, it's 51 Birch Street. 31 Birch would have been the Seiferts, and while I'm sure there was a fascinating story there, it will forever remain hidden from public view.

Anyway, a warm welcome to both you and Kevin.