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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Monty Dobson

Hey everybody!  **waves a friendly hand** I'm fairly new to the D-Word. I'm an archaeologist and historian who has accidentally become a filmmaker. Looking forward to getting to know you all. Am working on the second season of my doc series America from the Ground Up this summer. We are filming in 3 time zones, nine states and 30+ archaeological and historical sites in the American west. check out season one at 

Niam Itani

Welcome to The D-Word, Monty, Mike & Katrina! 

Rachel Miller-Howard

Hello, D-Word!

I'm glad to be among your ranks.

I recently finished a year as Associate Writer at a small documentary film production company in Portland, OR. I'm looking to stay deep in the field, so am starting a digital publication about women documentarians (film and audio). I'm seeking ideas for resources/topics/themes I can offer, routes for seed funding, technically savvy people to help advise website construction, and writers who are interested in interviewing and crafting stories about women media makers. I love finding collaborators, and look forward to joining this (thriving) hub!



John Burgan

Welcome, Rachel. BTW, no need to "sign" your name, it's at the top of every post you make

Niam Itani

Welcome to The D-Word, Rachel. I am sure you will find many answers to your questions and many collaborators on The D-Word. Enjoy the journey! 


Hello everyone!

I´m professional videomaker and camera operator, an amateur photographer and a video producer, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The last documentary I produced and directed was "IN PERSONA com Miguel Bestard", about an uruguayan guitarrist living in Rio:

I´ve been involved in several short film projects in these last years, always in the camera department, as  camera operator mostly. In May 2017 I was the DP of the independent horror shot movie "Golem".

I´m available to help any fellow filmmaker that wants to shoot in Brazil.

Mina Fitzpatrick


I heard about this community from my colleague and Northwestern MFA peer Timothy Fryett . I recently graduated from the Documentary Media program at NU, and excited to get more involved with the Chicago and greater midwest film/documentary scene. I've been involved with Kartemquin for a couple years, and participated in their Diverse Voices in Documentary program in 2015. 

At the moment I'm freelance producing for another KTQ project about food sustainability, Directed by Raj Patel and Zak Piper, executive produced by Steve James and Julie Goldman. We have some short-term needs for sound people and PAs in the midwest, so I hoped this network might be a good place to find good people. I'll try to find the appropriate channels for those posts once I learn the ropes!

Looking forward to brainstorming and collaborating with all of you soon ;)


Mentioned: Timothy Fryett
Nick Zachar

Hi everyone!

I am a multimedia producer and filmmaker currently working at National Geographic as a Producer/Editor on their Digital Team.

My background in Biology has taken me around the world, including the Virgin Islands, where I traveled with a team of biologists on an expedition to aid efforts in the conservation of a critically endangered species of iguana.

In my career as a filmmaker I have had the opportunity to hike through rainforests of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, repel into crevasses of Alaskan glaciers, and swim alongside sea turtles and sharks on coral reefs throughout the Caribbean, all in order to "get the shot". I specialize in field production, and just wrapped up a film about a remote island in the Caribbean and their efforts to conserve their most important natural treasures: their coral reefs.

I strive to find and tell meaningful stories that shed light on environmental and wildlife issues, and I hope that my films will inspire audiences to take action. I received my B.A. in Biology from the University of Iowa and my M.F.A. in Film and Electronic Media from American University. 

I look forward to collaborating with you and sharing important stories with the world!




Deborah pardes

Shouting out to this amazing community: SEEKING Cameraperson who has time to hop on our docu-series tour starting tonight! July 21st NYC - through July 26th Maine - see  This is a great opportunity. Our DP has to go back to LA for an emergency  - He'll be with us in NYC - but then we have 4 more dates. We're all volunteer but I personally cover transport (our SUV) room/board/ + 500 honorarium. Pls send info / website etc. Thank you!

David Pace

Hello Everyone, 

I'm excited to join this community and looking forward to learning from all of you and potentially collaborating in the future. I come from the world of scripted content and have worked on shows on TNT and directed multiple short films (mostly in the horror/sci-fi genre). Recently I decided to venture into the world of documentaries as I wanted to get back into actual filmmaking after mostly working in television writer's room.

I'm currently working on a project (in the research, pre-production phase) for a doc company that will target American audiences and help clarify some of the myths and misconceptions about healthcare systems in Canada and Europe and try to examine the real successes and struggles that some of these systems face. Hopefully this film can help inform our discussion on healthcare reform in this country which has clearly become a contentious issue. 

Because this film will mostly focus on other countries, I am especially eager to connect with any fellow members from Canada, England and continental Europe who might have advice on international crews, contacts, researchers, etc...

I received my MFA from the Peter Stark Producing Program at USC and my BA in Politics from Princeton. I currently divide my time between Los Angeles, NY and my home state of Florida. 

Please, feel free to contact me. Happy to be here!


Vinu Joseph

Hi, my name is Vinu Joseph.  I am from Tampa and I just finished my First Doc called the  "Fort Dix 5".  I am in post production but having a hard time finding a local editor.  

Kathleen Ermitage

Greetings! I am thrilled to join this community. 

My most recent work as an associate producer includes 'Chasing Trane,' which was an official selection at Telluride, Toronto, DOC NYC, IDFA, and a few other film festivals. In that capacity, my work is a combination of archival producing and story development and includes "digging out" photo, film, and sound treasures in news organizations, private collections and museums. The most fun is discovering an exquisite visual (or sound) asset that a private collector or museum didn't know they had, but that fits perfectly into our story.

Previously,  I worked on a documentary about the Chicago Cubs before that organization won the World Series. (I still believe that the footage of the 1908 World Series is out there in someone's basement, and I just have yet to find it.)  I've also enjoyed my work as a supervising producer, field producer, director, and writer on educational documentaries. Currently, I am working as an associate producer on a PBS show and another documentary film, as well as fundraising for a feature documentary for which I have secured initial seed funding.

I look forward to contributing to the collaborative spirit I have found here so far. Cheers!

Beth Olson

Hello, D-Word Family!

I'm thrilled to be a part of this online community to boost my knowledge of documentary filmmaking and to join an exceptional group of professional filmmakers. I'm all about collaboration and telling stories that uplift those whose voices are traditionally drown out. I'm a newcomer and am beginning research and development on my first documentary, so any insight into first steps would be appreciated. I'm open to working with other filmmakers as well in a variety of capacities. I have worked in the nonprofit sector for quite some time and want to bring the things I have learned from this field onto the screen and into the forefront of society.

Please feel free to reach out! Best wishes and happy filming to you all.

Nora Gully

Hey D-Word,

Long time reader, first time poster here, but I recently moved to Colorado and am looking for other far-flung documentary crew members. 

I used to freelance as an editor, assistant editor & post supervisor in NYC and Chicago, on films like Finding Vivian Maier, Almost There, The Interrupters, etc. I worked at Kartemquin Films for years, so that ran the gamut from cleaning off 16mm prints to prepping deliverables for Frontline, BBC or Sundance. But I'm currently working on a few film projects out west and have decided to stay put!  

Happy to contribute & answer any questions about post production, deliverables, tech specs and the like. Cheers! 

Nora Gully

Thanks guys! Would love to chat when you have a chance. 

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