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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Andrew Carver

My name is Andrew Carver and I am new to the site. I have always had an enduring interest in film and it's power to affect and inspire change. I am originally from Flint, Michigan and my goal is to use film to tell the story of this city that has been through so much.

My aim through the D-Word is to connect with fellow Michigan filmmakers and contribute to their craft.

I look forward to speaking with you all!

Cody Meirick

Hi, all. I just posted in the Legal thread but thought I should post a more congenial "How's it going" here. After working full-time producing web video and content for a nonprofit for a number of years, I got it in my head several years ago to produce my first documentary. I went all-in on what I think is a great subject. It's a documentary about one of the most banned/censored/challenged books of the last 30 years, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. It touches on folklore, death and dying in children's literature, the illustrations that influenced generations of artists, and of course censorship. 

Sorry, I'll try not to get too self-promotional.  :)  Interested in talking further about the general process of doc filmmaking. I know the last 2-3 years in this journey has been an educational one. Looking forward to the conversation. Cheers.

Doug Block

Welcome to The D-Word, Cody.  You've already gotten a few responses to your post in the Legal topic, including from someone who resembles me quite closely.  

Niam Itani

Welcome to The D-Word, Cody & thanks for jumping right in. Happy New Year! 

Robert Pigott

Hey everybody! My name's Rob! I'm based in Queens, NY and I'm a freelance doc editor and assistant editor. I heard about this lovely community through a friend in the industry and I'm glad to have joined! I'm always looking for filmmakers to collaborate with editorially and I love helping out any way I can when it comes to giving feedback. Thanks and I'm looking forward to diving into this community more throughout the year!

Doug Block

Great to have you joining us, Rob. We're a lovely community, indeed.

Ali Ozbora

My name is Ali Ozbora. I am the founder of Velocity  Istanbul and the creator of ‘People Of Coffee’ initiative. I have worked for more than 15 years as a managing director for several multinational advertising agencies and won numerous international awards in Cannes, Golden Drum, Epica and Effie. In 2012 I have found Velocity Istanbul. People Of Coffee is my first feature documentary.

Alexander Newick

Greetings D-Word Community, 

It is wonderful to be here. I am a composer and music producer. It would be great to hear from any filmmakers looking for bespoke soundtracks and sound design for their works. Please visit my profile to read about my history and experience (previous works and publishers etc). Put simply, I have worked on soundtracks for film and on production music for BBC broadcast but am looking to "cut my teeth" in the world of documentary film music composition. You can visit my soundcloud page (listed on my profile) to hear my latest works (a mostly orchestral album) plus some older production music or simply contact me to natter about possibilities. Great to be here. Alexander (P.s. sorry about the "serious" looking photo... I am really a very upbeat guy :) ) 

Mehrdad Fahim

Hello The D-Word Community,

I am Mehrdad. I have studied image and media technology and computer animation. In the last 25 years, I have been involved in the design, internet and game industry. Recently I am switching to what I have always dreamed of and that is animated short film. I have a great interest in documentary film and I am planning to make my first animated documentary short film. I hope in the near future to share my ideas and work in the topic "Works in Progress" and look forward to your opinions, critics and suggestions.
I was just surfing on The D-Word website for the first time and so far I couldn't find any topics about animation but without doubt there will be a lot that I can learn from this great and cool community and use that in my animated short films.

Happy to be here and I wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

Doug Block

Ali, Alexander and Merhdad, a warm welcome to The D-Word to you all. Great to have you here with us.

Hauke Lorenz

Hello D-Word Community,

my name is Hauke. I'm writing my masters in Digital Journalism at on "Docs on Demand". The example is my own documentary "Viacrucis Migrante - Migrant Crossing" I shot it at the Guatemala-Mexico border.

If you could help me with a contact, whom to interview for my thesis, I'd be very thankful.

All the best from Hamburg in Germany!


John Burgan

Greetings all. Remember that you don't need to "sign" your posts at the end as your name and photo is displayed automatically at the top of every post...

David Manning

Hi D-Word,


Just wanted to say hello.  I'm David Manning, and I think I've lost my mind...I've decided I'm going to make three separate documentary films in the near future!  So please wish me luck and feel free to tell me how crazy I am.  I'm trying not to become dejected or intimidated.  


I come from a stills background, so I have a visual language I can work with, but everything else has been a crash course.  I'm actively attending doc film school (aka reading everything I can get my hands on from the net).  I'm pleasantly surprised by how filmmakers share their experiences.  I plan to join that group, and hopefully have something to add to the conversation.


Most of my technical questions have been answered.  I'm confident with a camera.  Adding more dimensions to storytelling in my imagery is the challenge. I wish I was best friends with a good editor!!


Please be patient with me.  I don't have a breadth of experience in film, but I do with photography.


Best wishes and thanks for having me,



John Burgan

David - welcome, but please note that you don't need to "sign" your posts at the end as your name and photo is displayed automatically at the top of every post...

Erica Ginsberg

Oh wow, John, this makes me want to reintroduce myself and not listen to your cogent advice.


P.S. Seriously though, welcome to all our new members. And David, you are crazy but you have found the perfect spot to connect with other crazy doc folks.

John Burgan

What the heck, everybody's doing it! If you can't beat them, join them!


Doug Block

Took you long enough to join us, JB.  What's it been 14, 15 years?

- Doug

Richard Walter

How your organization or you might choose to use 2D Animated Videos varies a lot, but due to its low cost and fast turn around time its a preferred medium to create videos. For creating quality 2D video content choose a video production company who has a good portfolio and is also flexible in working with your requirements. If you are not sure about whether to choose 2D or 3D , start with seeing example video to get knowledge and inspiration or talk to video production companies who can suggest a suitable fit.

About Me:
I'm new in this forum, I am a consultant and have worked with multiple firms
You can check 2d animated videos one of my work.

Mark Belden

Hey D-Word,

I'm an editor living in NYC and looking to get involved with the local documentary community. I shoot and edit documentary style promos along with commercials by trade, but I want to get involved with other doc makers and work as a team.

My recent favorite docs would be: Tomorrow We Disappear, Dark Days, Florida Man, Oxyana.  

I actively look for docs with strong cinematography. Think cinematic, creative, and not so much Ken Berns (nothing against the guy though). If you have any recommendations please let me know!

How I can help:


Aside from my love of editing and shooting, I also love marketing and market research.

Years ago I helped grow a reality web series on YouTube channel organically (each video getting over 20k views). Since then I went on to grow email lists, traffic to sites in my free time. Its certainly a helpful skill to have as a creative.

My goal:

I'm looking to get involved with the local doc community and meet more filmmaker. I'd love to help out on set or in the edit. I have all of my own gear and am looking to grow my skills as a filmmaker.

Thank you!

- Mark 

Steve Byrne

Hello everybody ...
I've been a lurker for a bit, so figured it was time to introduce myself. My name is Steve Byrne, and I am involved in a couple different components of the doc world that folks might find of interest.
First, I'm the executive director of Freep Film Festival, a doc-centric fest produced by the Detroit Free Press, where I'm also the entertainment editor. We're heading into our fourth annual event, which arrives March 30-April 2. 
I'm also part of the Free Press team that's working on a film tied to the 50th anniversary of the Detroit riot/uprising of 1967. It's will be built almost entirely from found footage. (I'm just an associate producer, and don't want to overstate my hand it.)
Aside from the Free Press stuff, I'm also a co-producer/director of a bio-doc that's in pre-production right now. Hope to be talking a little more about it as the year progresses.
Last: I co-host/produce "The Documentary Podcast." It's been on hiatus for much of the year, but we hope to get it ramped back up shortly.
Thanks to all who contribute to this site. It's great. 

John Burgan

We love it when lurkers emerge from the shadows...welcome, Steve. You sound like a busy guy, interesting projects - post more often!

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