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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Doug Block

Took you long enough to join us, JB.  What's it been 14, 15 years?

- Doug

Mark Belden

Hey D-Word,

I'm an editor living in NYC and looking to get involved with the local documentary community. I shoot and edit documentary style promos along with commercials by trade, but I want to get involved with other doc makers and work as a team.

My recent favorite docs would be: Tomorrow We Disappear, Dark Days, Florida Man, Oxyana.  

I actively look for docs with strong cinematography. Think cinematic, creative, and not so much Ken Berns (nothing against the guy though). If you have any recommendations please let me know!

How I can help:


Aside from my love of editing and shooting, I also love marketing and market research.

Years ago I helped grow a reality web series on YouTube channel organically (each video getting over 20k views). Since then I went on to grow email lists, traffic to sites in my free time. Its certainly a helpful skill to have as a creative.

My goal:

I'm looking to get involved with the local doc community and meet more filmmaker. I'd love to help out on set or in the edit. I have all of my own gear and am looking to grow my skills as a filmmaker.

Thank you!

- Mark 

Steve Byrne

Hello everybody ...
I've been a lurker for a bit, so figured it was time to introduce myself. My name is Steve Byrne, and I am involved in a couple different components of the doc world that folks might find of interest.
First, I'm the executive director of Freep Film Festival, a doc-centric fest produced by the Detroit Free Press, where I'm also the entertainment editor. We're heading into our fourth annual event, which arrives March 30-April 2. 
I'm also part of the Free Press team that's working on a film tied to the 50th anniversary of the Detroit riot/uprising of 1967. It's will be built almost entirely from found footage. (I'm just an associate producer, and don't want to overstate my hand it.)
Aside from the Free Press stuff, I'm also a co-producer/director of a bio-doc that's in pre-production right now. Hope to be talking a little more about it as the year progresses.
Last: I co-host/produce "The Documentary Podcast." It's been on hiatus for much of the year, but we hope to get it ramped back up shortly.
Thanks to all who contribute to this site. It's great. 

John Burgan

We love it when lurkers emerge from the shadows...welcome, Steve. You sound like a busy guy, interesting projects - post more often!

Doug Block

In reply to Steve Byrne's post on Thu 19 Jan 2017:

Ditto what John said. Good to hear about all the things you're up to.  Keep us posted and feel free to leap into other discussion topics in all that free time you apparently have. 

Francesco Dragone

Hi everyone,

First of all let me say how thrilled and thankful I am to be part of this vibrant community (especially in a moment like this is heartening to land here)!
My name is Francesco Dragone and I am an Italian visual anthropologist/documentary filmmaker who  recently moved to US. I have more than five years experience in the field as director, cameraperson, editor and producer.
I have a strong background in Visual Anthropology and New Media as I graduated from Free University Berlin after a Post Graduation in Lisbon in the same field of studies.
I can be a great asset as a cameraperson as well as executive producer as I am able to speak several foreign languages.
I hold a BA in Portuguese and Spanish Literature, and I also have conversational skills in French and German.
I am very passionate about what I am doing, I am ready to commit 100% to a project and I have a very strong ethical sensitivity (fundamental in documentary IMHO) as well as technical skills.
I would really love to take part to new projects and be part of a crew is always a great learning experience. I know I can bring in a lot of knowledge as well and my unique European angle when it comes to film and edit. Refreshing for both sides sounds always like a win-to-win exchange.
I am based in Providence but willing to move to NYC or Boston or travel wherever a solid project may take me.
Looking forward to dive in the threads of this site and find new and fresh "ears and eyes" in the community! 
Please do not hesitate in contacting me for any further question!

Thank you for your attention,


Aaron Soffin

Welcome Francesco! 

Also, an introduction: It has been many years since I lurked around these D-Word halls. As of late, I've been back again and thought I'd take the opportunity to re-introduce myself.

I work as an editor, but took a long (6-year) break from docs to work in online education, partnering with content experts to bring their courses to life online. Six months ago, I got the opportunity to edit a feature doc about ISIS and Syria that will air on NatGeo in the spring. And getting back into the mess of an edit has made me want more of that in my life going forward :) So I'm on the lookout for the next film to edit at this point.

Personally, I moved out to Berkeley, CA from NYC a couple years ago and am eager to find the D-Worders and doc community out here, especially as I struggle to re-imagine my political engagement in this unpredictable moment. I'm already appreciating all the new topics popping up in the past month. Looking forward to catching up on a lot of unread posts and reconnecting with many of you.

John Burgan

Welcome back, Aaron. Hope you'll be around here on a regular basis from now on.

Erica Ginsberg

In reply to Aaron Soffin's post on Mon 30 Jan 2017:

 Welcome back Aaron. Sounds like you have had some great experiences - even with the break from docs, understanding online education surely would be helpful for future docs as well. And congrats on your move. There is a pretty large doc community in the Bay Area and I am sure some of our local filmmakers based there (including fellow editors Nels Bangerter and Amy Ferraris) could advise further on ways to connect. If I may be shameless in making one suggestion, come join us for Peer Pitch West in Sebastopol this year. Even if you don't have a project to pitch, an editor's eye for feedback (and perhaps making a connection with a filmmaker looking for an editor or adviser) is always important.

Kyle Scoble

Hey Everyone, pumped to be joining the community and I can't wait to learn and grow with everyone. I'm a director and producer based in Long Beach California. Currently trying to push forward on two projects and see them through to the finish line. 

Doug Block

Welcome to The D-Word, Kyle.  Great to have you here.  And best of luck with your films.

Francesco Dragone

In reply to Aaron Soffin's post on Tue 31 Jan 2017:

 Thank you Aaron for your welcome. It's very exciting to be here and I am really looking forward to next week's webinar!
I'll dive in over the weekend and try to catch up with all the threads and topics, so that I can have a better feeling and starting my weekly presence on a couple of groups. Have you all a great weekend!

Eric Andrew Kuhn

Hello all! I'm a composer/musician working primarily in documentary film scoring. Excited to join the community here, and see all the wonderful support and lively discussion. Thanks for having me, look forward to learning about what people are making, and learning more about the documentary making process. 

Art Pharaoh

Hello D-Word, My producing name is Omnisense and I produce activist films dealing with cutting edge black project technology and covert operations.  In 2016 I released 4 full length films freely available on websites and youtube.  My first documentary is titled: "Covert Transhumanism: A Mind Control Documentary" and exposes heinous modern day ongoing human rights violations against what is known as "targeted individuals."  I am a targeted individual myself and have endured countless injustices in 9+ years of overt electronic harassment targeting. After a number of years of constant attacks I learned the style of modern day COINTELPRO, and have launched TI activism & an awareness campaign in opposition of these atrocities.


My other films are titled:

The Electronic Control Grid

The Invisible War: 21st Century Targeting

War vs. the Truth: Psychological Operations


I am also a music producer and have produced the full soundtracks of all of my full length films. If anyone needs royalty free original electronic music for their films you can contact me truthbalancemaat (at) and I will get back to you ASAP.  I especially like helping righteous activist films of all types. So if you need help with graphic design you can contact me as well.

Ana Francisca Ferreira Bastos

Hi guys!
I am no professional.

I've experimented a lot with film editing and I am always the one with some kind of camera absorving everything for further notice. I'm portuguese, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

But my field is classical music. I am an orchestra musician and i am starting now to script/idealize what would be a docu series on "ethnic + classical music" through the eyes of the musician herself, as I just purchased a very interesting armenian instrument that is remotely from the same family as the bassoon, my instrument. I wanna break the glass a bit on my own circle about the elitism there is from us, classical musicians, towards other musicians.

I came to you as an observer and a very curious person seeking to see what and how the profis do it. :)

As i said, everything is really still in the beginning but if you are curious and wanna know what I've up to:

Mimi Mutesa

Hi all! 


I'm a film student currently living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'm just looking to get experience in the field particularly this upcoming summer in New York, so I thought I'd join a community that came highly recommended to me. My biggest film accomplishment thus far is a short documentary I directed called "Daughter of the Congo" about the immigration story of a girl and her family from Congo (DRC) to the United States. ( I'm also a photographer and you can see my work on my website at 

Happy to be here! Feel free to ask my any questions. 

Doug Block

Greetings, Mimi and Ana.  A warm welcome to The D-Word to you both. 

Christoph P. Schuetz

Hello D-World of D-Word ("World" sounds more fitable to me)!
I'm a documentary filmmaker searching for fellowship, inspiration and a mentor/ mentress who can help me developing my doc-skills.
I can offer passion, creativity and humour as well as giving feedback and input to your projects. These days I'm writing and editing a 45 minutes travel documentary about searching for home in a foreign place. Working title: "Wiener Wuerstel in Tel Aviv".
My life time project is a doc movie about the forgotten and murdered Jewish humourist "Wauwau" and my search for a long time ago lost suitcase with his heritage.
I'm happy to have come here and curious about where it will lead to.

John Burgan

You've certainly got a talent for film titles, Christoph - Smells like Wien Spirit! Have a look around The D-Word, you'll find it a supportive community  and useful resource. No need to "sign" your name after each post - it's always at the top

Christoph P. Schuetz

In reply to John Burgan's post on Sat 25 Feb 2017 (

Glad, that you like my titles, John. You seem to be a multilinguist - how come Farsi? Thanks for the sign hint.
--Christoph :-)
P.S.: Is here also a section where to watch free online documentary movies?

John Burgan

Well, the fact that I'm a Brit (with an Irish passport) living in Berlin, married to an Afghan (with a German passport) might explain it...

Click on the Watch Films link on the left hand side menu of the page to access links to our online docs....

Christoph P. Schuetz

In reply to John Burgan's post on Sun 26 Feb 2017 (

Wow! This could be the base of a documentary language farce...
My project "Wiener Wuerstel in Tel Aviv" could be of your interest - is home just a place or more sort of a feeling that you can take anywhere you go?
"Watch Films" I already found but the first clicks I made - mostly trailers out there. Can you recommend me an inspiring and well told doc movie? Recently I watched and enjoyed "Man on wire" (Petit and Marsh are great storytellers in this work) and "Salesman" of the Maysles brothers.

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