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Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

Jason Osder

Just got my first iPhone.

It's coo and all, but every time I go to The D-Word, it automatically fills in – and then it says that there is no page at the address.

Try as I might, I cannot get the browser to go to, it always puts in that /iphone.html

Surely, people use the D-wrod on the the iPhone – what is the deal?

Bill Jackson

Hmm. I mostly use my iPhone. That never happens here (iPhone 4).

Ben Kempas

Never heard of this. Can you override the auto-fill?

Jason Osder

Yeah, I had to really trick it by typing in a full URL to the login page. Once I was logged in, everything was good. I guess this has something to do with setting up the funky network at my school, but I thought just maybe that there was some platform sniffing script malfunctioning.

Thanks, Ben :)

David Herman

my heart bleeds for you i-phone operators. My Nokia C-3 fills in nothing, usually rings when someone calls me and has survived my muddy fingers for almost a year. You too can have one for just £30

Jason Osder

I don’t have too many mission-critical tasks for my mobile, but posting on D-Word during SilverDocs to meet up with people for a late night meal at the Tastee Diner is one of them.

Ben Blair

So I apologize for the goofy-ness of this question, but do you all have recommendations for newbies to this site for reading the topics on The D-Word. Do you:
A) Go back to page 1 on a topic and start reading from there?
B) Start from the most recent post and read backword?
C) Go back a few days and just start from there?

In some cases the topics go back a few years and I'm wondering if it makes sense to spend the time reading things that could very well be outdated now.

Just looking for some friendly advice.


Ajay Brar

Hi, I just tried to embed a link on the Works in Progress page but got an invalid URL error. It was a Vimeo link and I was pasting the actual URL and not the embed code.

John Burgan

I think that's just you, Jason – not getting that here.

Ajay, I have forwarded your point to our webmaster Peter as there is definitely a problem there.