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Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

Dietmar Post

Is it possible to upload an entire film so that festivals and potential TV buyers can watch it? We don't like to send out DVDs anymore. Previous films have ended up as bit torrents.

John Burgan

Folks, this is definitely the wrong Topic – as the note above says, this is solely for questions about The D-Word.

AJ, your question is so wide that it's doubtful that there's a simple answer out there, but for future reference such queries go in the Mentoring Room Topic.

Dietmar, as a Professional this should probably go in Marketing and Distribution . Double posting is discouraged, but as this is in the wrong place you can repost there.

Ron Osgood

Yikes – for some reason the camera topic has disappeared when I log into the site. Any ideas?

Marj Safinia

Check "my topics" from your homepage and make sure you haven't accidentally hidden it.

Ron Osgood

Thanks Marj – don't know why it changed but that was the solution.

Marj Safinia

Easy to do if you check D-Word from an iPhone. I do it all the time.

Peter Gerard

I'll add a warning on this link in the next update...

Paul Devlin

Wish there was a separate SAVE for "Current Location".

Only seems to get saved after a post. Often I get thwarted somehow and forget to update, then I've posted and would have to post again to save it, so I don't and then forget to update next time. Not a big deal, just noticed when I realize I need to update, I am not able to do so.

Peter Gerard

-Hmm... Is it not in the post editor you get for 15 minutes after a post? I'll look into that.-

You can also change your Current Location while you're not posting by editing your profile

EDIT – If you forget to put in your location, you have 15 minutes to edit your last post, so just click the Pencil and then you change your Location as well as fix any mistakes in your post (like I've just done)...

Anna Fischer

Hi, I am currently subtitling my film, Lucky Express, and I need advice about how to subtitle? Two questions:
1- I have put the translated subtitles as they are sometimes the sentence is finished on the next image. Do I use an elipsis because the sentence is not finished?

He went to the store and bought ...
(and then next image) ... some milk and some bread.

Do I use the elipsis or not? Am very confused!

Question 2:
I have to subtitle my lead character because even though he is speaking English, it is really bad and basic English. So when I correct him, how much can I correct? The tenses? The words?
As long as I stick to the meaning of what he is saying, is it alright to put words into his mouth?
Right now, I have tried to use the exact words he is using even though the English is wrong. My theory is that all people will be able to understand the basic idea of what he is saying, even though the English is wrong.
When I corrected his English too much, later when I was reading the subtitles, I noticed that it was harder for the brain to fully understand the meaning, because what he was saying in English and what I was reading were similar but different.
Does this make sense? Its so hard to explain!
Anyway, is there a basic Rule Book for handling subtitles correctly which I can refer to?
Many thanks,