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Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

David W Grant

Hi, John, Hope to see you at Folklife Festival. I'll be there mid-day Saturday. Will you?
I thought this section was also for 'ideas for future D-Word ... projects' ... such as attention to video essays. Where, then, would that suggestion best be made?

Ben Kempas

Actually, the topics suggested by John are only accessible to Members of The D-Word, not to Enthusiasts. But there's always the Mentoring Room for these kinds of questions.

Celia Lowenstein

Hello. I am new to D-word and have just been employed by National Geographic in Washington as a Producer/Director. I have been asked to produce an insurance certificate for general liability and wonder if anyone has a broker I can contact or an insurance company who works with documentary filmmakers and can provide this kind of insurance. I live in New York and commute to D.C. thanks.

Doug Block

Celia, I highly recommend Charles Whelan Insurance Agency. Chuck works out of Washington State but handles my liability insurance. He's great to work with and gets good rates. Can't hurt to say I referred you:

ph: 253-840-5137

Ben Kempas

Just to remind people again, this Help topic is about The D-Word platform, not about help with documentary questions... :-)

Mikal Jakubal

Here's a little bug, Peter, in case you don't already know about it. Underscores at each end of the word italicize the word, but it doesn't work to try to italicize part of a word. E.g. to highlight a difference in emphasis such as "_re_volution vs. evolution." It renders with the underscores instead of "re" being italicized.

Peter Gerard

I suppose that is by design... The underscores to italics feature is part of an open-source text-processing plug-in we are using, and the rules are designed to work in most cases while ideally not breaking special formatting (such as urls). If we made it always italicise characters between 2 underscores, we could make some mistakes, which is why the feature is designed to only italicise if there are spaces around the underscores. If you've followed discussion here about the strikethrough feature you'll see why it could cause problems to allow formatting of partial-words.

Nikia Furman

I'm working on an outdoor sport documentary series, my second series actually. Both have been for non-profit organizations, so often no permit is required by the US Forest Service, US Parks, BLM, Etc. However, some representatives will flat out refuse to give a permit- say for following 1 person through a wilderness area with a small camera and tripod and two crew members. I have three frustrations with the process- 1. Responses are inconsistent- sometimes yes, sometimes no. 2. There are no rules that apply to non-profit- they only talk about commercials where there are paid talent or products being sold, and 3. Isn't that a violation of free speech to say you can't document someone's experience?

Ben Kempas

Nikia, this topic is for questions with our discussion software. Your question could go into topics like Directing , Production , or the Legal Corner .

[Oh, I just saw you already posted in Legal. So no double-postings, please...]