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Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

Christopher Wong

a few things mark...

1) you should ask production questions here: Mentoring Room
2) the "Help" section is only for technical issues with this site
3) you should sign up with your full name (not just "Mark A")

good luck with your postings!

Ben Kempas

Any browser should be fine remembering the D-Word login when asked to do so. It works fine for me.

Liz Witham

You can tell FireFox to remember your login and it will auto-fill.

Andy Schocken

Ok- got it. If anyone's wondering, go to safari prefs > autofill, make sure "user names and passwords" is checked. Then, when you login, it will ask if you want your information stored.

James Longley

I also liked checking D-word on my iPhone, back when I was living in an iPhone-data-compatible country.

Actually the big problem with D-word on iPhone is that it tends to hang and crash the iPhone browser. I've noticed that certain sites do this on the iPhone, and certain sites work fine and never crash. Of course, there have been some iPhone software updates since I last checked this.

Marj Safinia

still happens. And I often end up accidentally striking the "hide this topic from now" link instead of the "back to topics list" link. And I hate that everytime it crashes I have to type in my login again.

Facebook's got a pretty decent iPhone app. Different from the site, but pretty solid on the phone. Makes me jones for a D-word version too.

James Longley

Well. Maybe we iPhone / D-word people should all pitch in for a phone for Peter.

Peter Gerard

We had discussed a mobile version before but were not sure there was a big demand. Maybe the iPhone is changing that.

Not that I can test it (yet...), but what actions make it crash on the iPhone?

James Longley

Nothing in particular. If you just go to the D-word site and do nothing it has a tendency to crash. Sometimes even before you get a chance to log in. Sometimes it crashes sooner, sometimes later, but it always crashes if you stay on the site for more than a few minutes.

I assume there have to be some coded operations taking place in the background of the site that cause this, because it can happen while the site is just sitting there, without any user action. Sometimes it becomes VERY slow on basic operations like text entry and then crashes.

Maybe borrow somebody's iPhone and take a look?