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Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

Ben Kempas

Well, that's for formatting your posts. It would be the wrong place to put information on searching.

For the meantime, just remember that it's the same as with Google: phrases need quotation marks.

Jo-Anne Velin

That's what I meant Nigel – or as you suggested Ben, a note in the advanced search spot at the top of the page.

Alysa Nahmias

I'm not sure which topic to use to post this info:

I have received an email from colleagues in Cuba about a fabulous small, independent festival there called the FESTIVAL DE CINE POBRE. The festival is held annually in the town of Gibara, in Oriente... and that town was absolutely destroyed by hurricane IKE. The festival organizers have sent an international call for assistance of any kind, addressed specifically to the international filmmaking community. I want to post this info somewhere on D-word so that perhaps we can brainstorm about fundraising to help out this festival, the filmmakers who run it, and the people of Gibara.

Please let me know if this is appropriate for D-Word, and if so, where to post it. Thanks!

Doug Block

Hmm, I guess the Festivals topic would be best, Alysa.

Suzanne Cohen

I have just finished an MA course in documentary film making. I made my dissertation film in a prison in the UK. The prison director has praised the film but has said that she does not want the film to be show publicly.
What I would like to know is – can women in prison give consent if they sign release forms. Some of the women were mentally ill – does this mean the prison would have to sign the release form as their legal guardian.

I would appreciate any advice on this issue,

Ben Kempas

That's a question for the Mentoring Room . As I said just before, this topic is for help using The D-Word's software.

Le Sheng Liu

Is there any way I can retrieve a copy of my Submission to Become a D-Word Member? I haven't received a response yet, but either way, I just wanna keep it for my records. Is that possible?