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Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

Ben Kempas

There's a field "Other website" when you're editing your profile.

Also, you can just put URLs into your bio.

Jason Osder

I don't get that field – is it only for members? I'm planning to apply to be a member, but wanted to get my profile together first.

Ben Kempas

I don't actually know... but I can assure you that the number of websites won't determine eligibility for membership... :-)

Mikal Jakubal

In reply to Christopher Wong's post on Tue 13 May 2008 :

Yeah, I had the same experience as you, with the "It Works!" page. Likewise, I eventually typed in the complete URL and got in. Just out of curiosity, what was that page anyway?

I'm still getting occasional "bad response from server" messages and the pages are often very slow to load. Will look into

Doug Block

Appears that problem is fixed, Mikal. I had it, too. Peter will come on sometime soon and explain. Anyway, the pages should load now with lightening speed.

Jo-Anne Velin

minor loading issues here this morning – just letting you know. Some threads worked well and some not at all.. All fine this evening.

Mikal Jakubal

Doug, you know, the funny thing is that just after I made that last post, I couldn't get in at all. I had wanted to add a thank you note to Peter and the hosts for keeping this great site together. So, there, thanks!

P.S., seems to be working fine for me now. Yes, "It Works!" indeed.

Peter Gerard

All should be ironed out now. Technical details hidden below:

The "It Works!" message was related to DNS, as that's the default page on an Apache web server so if your DNS wasn't updating it was sending you to the wrong place temporarily.
Then there were some unexpected errors due to some testing that I didn't know was going on and that broke the topics list. I fixed that. Then I adjusted the memory-balancing to better handle our load.
If you were on the site at the same time as I was making small changes it could have given you occasional "bad response" errors. But now all seems fine.

I get an email every time something goes wrong. On the old server I'd get them daily (primarily due to Google-bot-spiders doing tons of simultaneous searches and eating all our memory). Now that everything is smooth on the new server I don't get any. Still, I will shortly block the Google-bots out of certain areas just to be sure all our resources are dedicated to people rather than spiders...

Paul Kloeden

I won't pretend to understand all that technical stuff just extend my thanks to someone who obviously does. Thanks Peter.