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Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

John Williams

Any chance of moving the navigation links that are below the "New Post" section to above the "New Post" section? Since I use the "next" function far more often than posting a new message, it would reduce the amount of scrolling I have to do to get to the "next" link.

Ben Kempas

We'll have video attachments as soon as we leave the Beta stage behind us, Nick.

John, I would like to have your problems... :-)

Judy Seaman
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Christopher Pavsek

is there any way to make the post box and the edit box bigger? if it's not too hard?

John Burgan

use a magnifying glass or (on a mac) go to system prefs > seeing > zoom

Peter Gerard

Or use Safari 3.0 (Mac or PC) which has resizable text-boxes. However, it might break the rest of the layout...

Alan Brunettin

This isn't a big problem but curious nonetheless. When I select a topic in the list and it takes me to the particular site, if for instance the topic has 16 pages to it-with a most recent post, say, four hours ago-I am instead taken to, say, page 9 with posts that are a week and a half old instead of the most recent (or heck, even if it took me to the beginning with the very first posts would make more sense).

Any reason for this? I'm on a Mac OS 10.4.11, Safari 3

Peter Gerard

Oops, so obviously the double-dash isn't entirely fixed.... Sorry folks. I'll figure it out eventually!

Alan, the system remembers where you were last reading, so it takes you to the last 3 posts you have read and shows you new ones following on from them. You'll see the first 3 posts will be grey (meaning you've read them) and the rest on that page will be white, meaning they're new to you.

Christopher Wong

oops, accidentally clicked "Hide IDFA 2007 Topic"... how do I get it back?