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Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

Ben Kempas

Marj - as I said elsewhere, I think it doesn't like the "&" sign. We might have to rename the topic the Doc Bar and Grill.

Riley - I suspect this has to do with your sign-up for a third account after we already imported two different ones. Seems like Peter needs to do some database clean-up...

Riley Morton

you are probably right, Ben.
sorry about the headache.

bigger photo didn't work.

Margot Roth

Ben I don't see the blue question mark... maybe only the hosts have it? I see the reply, link, and tag icons only.

Also, I'm all for a strikethrough function, but could it be changed to some other code-- so peeps using dashes don't do it accidentally?

Last but not least, D-Worders got mad memory skillz!!!! Yes, that's a pile of bananas my artist pal Doug Fishbone assembled in NY. (He's done them all over the world, actually.) It was a photo I had handy on my desktop. But if the peeps want the eyelid pictures, I can certainly oblige.....

Peter Gerard

I'll fix the formatting thing in due time. It's not meant to strikethrough unless there's white-space on either side so that you can still have a double-dash.

(Hidden section for the technically interested...)

I'm trying to balance between a full blown formatting markup and a simple custom one to suit our needs. But my custom code is clearly not completely ironed out...

Margot Roth

So, this is a question re: public/private topics. This topic is public, right... but if there's a link in here to another thread that's in the private area, what happens when non-members click on that link?

Christopher Pavsek

is there only a "Public" "introduce yourself" topic. Perhaps a private one would be good?