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Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

Marj Safinia


I -like- love the strikethrough too. Please don't get rid of it.

I thought Margot's picture was maggots, not bananas.

About help: Still having problems making the "link to another topic" work using cut and paste from the blue formatting questions mark thing.

{Doc Bar & Grill}

Riley Morton

2 questions.
i try to make my photo my default so you can actually see me at left, and it is now my default photo, but doesn't seem to have the intended effect (does the system need some time to update?)

2 i can't seem to change my password from the d-word created random one. when i try to on my profile page, and hit 'save' it tells me that my email is already in use.

other than that, i'm absolutely blown away by the new d-word. soooo great!

Ben Kempas

Marj - as I said elsewhere, I think it doesn't like the "&" sign. We might have to rename the topic the Doc Bar and Grill.

Riley - I suspect this has to do with your sign-up for a third account after we already imported two different ones. Seems like Peter needs to do some database clean-up...

Riley Morton

you are probably right, Ben.
sorry about the headache.

bigger photo didn't work.

Margot Roth

Ben I don't see the blue question mark... maybe only the hosts have it? I see the reply, link, and tag icons only.

Also, I'm all for a strikethrough function, but could it be changed to some other code-- so peeps using dashes don't do it accidentally?

Last but not least, D-Worders got mad memory skillz!!!! Yes, that's a pile of bananas my artist pal Doug Fishbone assembled in NY. (He's done them all over the world, actually.) It was a photo I had handy on my desktop. But if the peeps want the eyelid pictures, I can certainly oblige.....

Peter Gerard

I'll fix the formatting thing in due time. It's not meant to strikethrough unless there's white-space on either side so that you can still have a double-dash.

(Hidden section for the technically interested...)

I'm trying to balance between a full blown formatting markup and a simple custom one to suit our needs. But my custom code is clearly not completely ironed out...

Margot Roth

So, this is a question re: public/private topics. This topic is public, right... but if there's a link in here to another thread that's in the private area, what happens when non-members click on that link?