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Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

Zack Arnold

I don't understand how the posting works on this site. It's impossible to follow any thread or specific question. It's just one giant heap of responses, but how do I track those responses to the original question? The main topic page is well organized, but if I go to any section, all I see is hundreds of pages of responses with no way to find any of the information I'm looking for. If I'm using the site incorrectly, please advise.

Doug Block

try the search engine, zack. and, yes, obviously this place works better for those who come here regularly and participate in the discussions.

Doug Block

Apologies to everyone for the site being down most of past 24 hours. Peter will hopefully have an explanation soon, and we'll do what we can to find a more stable web hosting situation.

Ochen Vincent

Hi Doug,
This is Vincent Ochen, Hope all is well.
I have embarked on reserching on Vanishing African tribes, its the loss of culture which is a principle cause of this.
lets hope a commercial TV station can help put into reel.

Kind Regards,


Doug Block

Fingers crosed, Vincent. But this is the Help topic. Anything you need help with?

Mark Barroso

I tried to search d-word with "exclusive + contracts + subjects" and it did one that brought up any of the words instead of posts that contained all of the words. Is there another way to do this?

Erica Ginsberg

Mark, you need to not have spaces between your plus signs. When I did that, however, it brought up no posts with all those words, so you may wish to try some other word combinations.

Peter Gerard

The search algorithm uses a natural language search, so adding "+" won't do anything. You can search for a phrase by putting it in "quotes" or you can just search for a few words and it will do its best to find relevant results. They come in order of relevance so if there are any posts with all 3 words they should be nearer the top.

Jo-Anne Velin

Peter, can you add these instructions to the formatting drop-down, please? Perhaps others, like me, will forget about using quotation marks when they need to connect the words. I had tried the + a few weeks ago too. .