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Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

Mikal Jakubal

Doug, you know, the funny thing is that just after I made that last post, I couldn't get in at all. I had wanted to add a thank you note to Peter and the hosts for keeping this great site together. So, there, thanks!

P.S., seems to be working fine for me now. Yes, "It Works!" indeed.

Peter Gerard

All should be ironed out now. Technical details hidden below:

The "It Works!" message was related to DNS, as that's the default page on an Apache web server so if your DNS wasn't updating it was sending you to the wrong place temporarily.
Then there were some unexpected errors due to some testing that I didn't know was going on and that broke the topics list. I fixed that. Then I adjusted the memory-balancing to better handle our load.
If you were on the site at the same time as I was making small changes it could have given you occasional "bad response" errors. But now all seems fine.

I get an email every time something goes wrong. On the old server I'd get them daily (primarily due to Google-bot-spiders doing tons of simultaneous searches and eating all our memory). Now that everything is smooth on the new server I don't get any. Still, I will shortly block the Google-bots out of certain areas just to be sure all our resources are dedicated to people rather than spiders...

Paul Kloeden

I won't pretend to understand all that technical stuff just extend my thanks to someone who obviously does. Thanks Peter.

Doug Block

Yep, we're just creepin' and crawlin' with spiders and bots here.

Mikal Jakubal

One of which seems to have built a web in the little bit of code that resets the already-read topic lists when I click on Topics. Was that clear? Here: I read the new posts in a topic, click Topics, but when the Topics page comes up, the topic I just looked at still has the circle with the number of unread posts in it. Just so you know...

Ben Kempas

I found out that the Skype extension for Firefox (at least on Win XP) plays havoc with a number of websites, including The D-Word. For example, I couldn't open image attachments. Disabling the extension fixed my problems.

Lenville O'Donnell

Anyone know where, in Seattle, on a Saturday afternoon (for an out of town Monday a.m. shoot, so we need by Sunday), one can get an XD Cam disk? have tried all the usual suspects (companies) to no avail. Thanks...