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Here's your chance to reach a broad public interested in documentaries. Get the (D-)Word out!

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Linda Freedman

Transcripts for filmmakers. As documentary filmmakers, one of our biggest challenges is lack of time and resources  to edit projects we've been working on for months, or years. Digital transcripts of interviews save time, money and effort, by helping filmmakers find key words and phrases quickly and easily in their source tapes. SoundsRight Transcription works only with filmmakers, so we're familiar with all the hassles of post production -- and what it takes to uncover and shape the narrative flow of great stories.  Check us out at  www.

Jordan Melamed

Looking for some folks to attend a small screening/discussion of my personal doc, "The Trade." The film captures my return to document the death of the trading pits at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, re-igniting my lifelong battle with my father Leo Melamed, the imperious Chairman Emeritus of the CME. Doug Block is producing. We're in the last stages of editing and I'd appreciate your notes.

Please email Emma at emmascarlin[at]gmail[dot]com if you can attend this Monday at 7:30pm or would like to be included on our list for additional screenings in the next few weeks. Thanks!

Natalie Shmuel

We are seeking a web designer for a feature documentary production company. Currently, our websites are split into three and need someone who can help integrate them:

Prefer to have a web designer who can:

·         Proactively redesign and integrate the sites, after showing us a clear and specific proposal we can evaluate.

·         Be available for updating and maintaining our site over the next year.

·         Advise on marketing and online presence for our current documentary Resistance at Tule Lake, as we begin our screenings and outreach this summer.

We are currently using Drupal & Squarespace. We are inclined to integrate our sites into the Drupal site (, but we are open to using other platforms as long as previous content can be moved there.

Please provide samples/experience as well as your rate, e-mail Producer[at]lifeorliberty[dot]org.

Thank you!

Soozie Eastman

Looking for a shooter April 16 in the Fort Myers/Cape Coral area. Day should be 10a-5p max. One interview set up and a couple handheld/verite moments. Preference would be someone who has knowledge of my FS100 so we can use my camera. I have 3 LED lights. Would need for you to bring sticks - easier to travel without them from KY. If you have a rig you would like to use for handheld, that would be great. $200 day/firm plus lunch. Doc is on synthetic chemical industry. Director/producer (me) is positive, professional who is looking forward to meeting a great DP in SW Fla. to create a relationship for this and future projects when I am in the area. I am sorry I don't have more money than this, but I will send you the link to the project after you reach out and maybe you might feel a connection to it. Project is fully funded (albeit tight) and should be finished by end of 2016. If you are interested, please send me your website and a link to a reel with interview looks you have shot and/or screen grabs. Looking for very little shadow and a saturated look for my interview, but I am open to any looks you have shot to see your skills. TIA!

Sara Nodjoumi

Partner Pictures, the team behind the documentary, THE IRAN JOB, which was released in the US and in Germany, is looking for a German-speaking intern to help transcribe footage for a new documentary project about an Iranian musician living in Germany under the threat of a fatwa. This is a low-paying job that starts immediately and will last between 3-6 months (we can offer a low stipend). Commitment of a minimum of 10+ hours per week is necessary. You can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet and a word processing software. Knowledge of FinalCut Pro is a plus but absolutely not necessary. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone to work in a creative environment and to work on a film project that will be released broadly. Please contact snodjoumi21(at)gmail(dot)com if you're interested.

Gar Myers

Looking for co-producer of a documentary film based on a riveting true David versus Goliath corruption story that is presently threatening to rock and reshape the 2016 Presidential vote. The doc film will act as a prequel for a feature film revealing the post 911 2003 true story that resulted in Stassi like filmmaking suppression and censorship and for which a DOD contractor for Snowdenesck suveillance state activity thereafter fled to Mexico to operate outside of US jurisdiction. And the CEO is a close buddy of Mitt Romney!

Niam Itani

If I weren't an Arab Muslim Producer I would have asked for more info but the story looks juicy enough as is. Sounds intriguing, Gar!

Gar Myers

In reply to Niam Itani's post on Fri 8 Apr 2016 (

Yes indeed ... the whole world is in termoil with drama. What sets this apart, in part, is the filmmaking endeavor itself promises to positively transform modern history for good as its directly relevent to the issues before our nation and the world right now. And what the world needs more of is real film leadership in an era of corporate and elite controlled MSM. To me the film journey must be transformative and impactful for both filmmakers and society as well as an intriguing juicy entertaining story that floors an audience while simultaneously paving the way for the long ago prophesied Independent American Party. It will happen ... might as well be a part of the fulfillment of prophesy (history of the future).

America Campbell

Hello all! My amazing documentarian friend, Mo Naqvi, recommended I sign up here. My husband and I are relatively new to the documentary world and recently bought All Access Passes to HotDocs in Toronto.  We just found out we have a work conflict and can no longer attend. Our friend in the office is offering us the ability to transfer the passes into another name.  They are sold out, so we assume some people may be interested in buying them off us? If so, please contact me asap :) 310-985-2637 Thank you!! America Olivo Campbell 

Tracie Holder

We hope you can join us for this upcoming Women Make Movies webinar!

Webinar: Navigating the Academy Awards: Understanding the Qualifying Process for Feature Documentaries with Tom Oyer

Thursday, April 14, from 11am -1pm, EST
Regular Rate: $25.00 | (discount rate) $15.00
Sign up

Winning the Oscar is the Holy Grail for most filmmakers yet understanding Oscar-qualifying process can be a mystifying and mysterious process. WMM is extremely fortunate to be joined by Tom Oyer, Awards Manager at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who will provide a detailed explanation of the qualifying requirements for Oscar consideration for the Documentary Feature and Short Subject categories. Tom is an expert on all aspects of the documentary and short film categories, including rules, submissions, voting and member engagement and outreach. Find out what you need to do for your film to qualify for Oscar consideration and how to best navigate the process. Join in the conversation and bring your questions.  For more information and to register, please visit:


Ric Shellhammer

A word to the wise about posting gear on Ebay.  The following is a description of my recent experience that was attached to my complaint sent to Santa Clara County District Attorney and the BBB.  Ebay has since responded with the same company line as customer service gave to me and consequently both cases have been closed with no resolution.  I have no intention of reimbursing Ebay for their decision nor ever using them again.


To begin, I've been an Ebay member since July 5, 2002 and, until this incident, had score of 100%.

The middle of November 2015 I listed a professional tripod that I've owned for years. Before listing I personally made sure all functions were working as described. Also, as I was to be out of the country, under "Return Policy Details" I clearly stated " No returns or exchanges, contact seller with questions."

The tripod sold on Nov.17, checked out by myself and shipped on Nov.19.  The buyer signed for on Nov. 23 and soon after the PayPal funds were released. A couple days shy of the 30 day max for returns, on Dec.20 I received a notice the buyer requested a return because "the tilt does not lock down" as described in the ad.  I immediately responded with a question why he didn't communicate with me in the previous month and followed up with instructions from the mfr. as to how to adjust the lock down.  As I didn't receive any response, on Dec. 27 I sent the buyer a message that because of his lack of communications since day one I would not allow the tripod to be returned.  Also, as I wanted this resolved quickly, I opened the Ebay Case.  

The following are my conclusions of Ebay business practices that I've learned the last couple months of this ordeal


* Don't bother with Return Policy Details when you sell, it's useless. From the mouths of "Customer Service": "Our sellers return policies are for buyers remorse returns and requests can be made but not mandated by, you, the seller to your buyer." Ok then, why even have the option? Or at least make if very clear the uselessness of the option.

* Don't bother to try to "work it out" with the buyer. Even though Ebay encourages it from the beginning, the buyer has no responsibility to communicate or "work it out” nor does Ebay take that into consideration when making their decisions. My buyer never responded to numerous good faith requests to communicate and provide proof of the problem.

Of course, it turns out, neither would Ebay ....

* Don't bother requesting documentation or proof of the complaint. Neither Ebay or the buyer are required to provided it. Again from the mouth of "Customer Service"; "We cannot provide information to you that was given to us by your buyer because this is considered private information." My question?  So what's a guy to do if neither the accuser or the judge are required to provide the defendant with evidence?

*Ebay has no interest in helping the seller. What Ebay was repeatedly demanding from the start and long before any final decision, was that I issue a return shipping, no questions asked. Bottom line; if I paid for the tripod return 1) I would be admitting there was an issue which there wasn’t, 2) it would have cost me shipping both ways, Ebay and PayPal fees, a little less that $200 and 3) I still would have to refund either the buyer or Ebay the cost of the tripod. All without proof of the defect and any accountability from either Ebay or the buyer. I didn't respond to the threat so Ebay reimbursed the buyer AND the buyer has no further responsibility to return the tripod. Win-win buyer, lose-lose for seller.

On Feb.19, 2016, the day I received an invoice for $910, I called Ebay customer service to file an appeal as it said on website I could do. The "customer service" guy was just as scripted and unhelpful to the point of being rude as the previous discussions and, regardless of what it says on the website, I could not file an appeal.

All detailed documents of the events and discussions that led to this post are available upon request.

Debra Schaffner

I'm looking for a Chinese (Mandarin) translator to work with me in Oakland, CA on a film for Chinese TV. Pro Translating experience is not required but must be extremely fluent and comfortable working with an editor (and hacking together the occasional frankenbite). I've been working with translated/transcribed interviews and need someone to go through my edit with me and make corrections. 

Paid gig of course... 1-2 days ASAP with potential for additional work.

Emma Jacobs


2016 Third Coast ShortDocs Challenge

A chance for filmmakers to try their hand at audio production... Create a short audio doc inspired by the conventions of cinema...

WHO: Based in Chicago, the Third Coast International Audio Festival curates, honors, and shares the best audio stories produced around the world, and encourages new work from veteran producers and audio enthusiasts alike.

WHAT: Each spring, Third Coast invites everyone to produce short audio stories that follow a specific set of rules for our 2016 ShortDocs Challenge: Radio Cinema. No prior audio-production experience is necessary! This year’s ShortDocs Challenge is all about film, and is created in partnership with Manual Cinema - a cinematic shadow puppet performance collective! This year's challenge is all about delighting the mind's eye. Manual Cinema will adapt one of the winning submissions into a live cinematic stage performance in Chicago this fall.

Remember! Your ShortDoc can be documentary, mockumentary, radio fiction, sound art, or anything in between... just as long as it follows the 3 ShortDocs rules.

WHEN: ShortDocs submissions will be accepted through May 17th, and can be easily submitted.

HOW: Learn all about the rules, guidelines, and inspiration right here.

Amanda Elder

Documentary Summer Camp for professionals in Oregon (1.5 hrs from Portland) Just a couple of spots left! 

Women In Film-Portland proudly announces Oregon Doc Camp an intimate retreat for experienced non-fiction filmmakers that will take place from May 12th-15th, 2016 at Silver Falls State Park in Sublimity, OR. Oregon Doc Camp offers a rare opportunity to meet in an informal setting, foster professional growth, and build community in our ever-changing industry. This year our keynote is Jennifer Grausman, director of the Oscar nominated film, Art and Craft.

Join us at Oregon Doc Camp for $350-$450 for the full weekend of programming and room and board!
Apply here,

For a full schedule of Oregon Doc Camp, please take a look here,


Rafael Shimunov

NYC Political Action Shoot. Tomorrow, Wednesday April 20th, 4-6PM DSLR video or other shoot for a small protest near Bryant Park. Ideally, the file is uploaded with basic editing into a 2 minute clip by 7PM-8PM. But if early next morning, that's OK. Pay is between $400 cash. Reach me at

Samantha Gordon


I have a carry-on of camera and sound batteries that I need to get back from my fixer in Paris to New York and will happily pay someone traveling from Paris out here to do so!

Here's what happened: When traveling home from a shoot last Friday, my crew and I were told at check-in that our carry-on battery case containing 17 batteries (combination of lithium ion camera batteries, sound batteries) wasn't allowed on the plane, even though we flew with them as carry-ons from New York to Paris. It turns out there was a miscommunication within Air France and we should have been allowed on that flight as our batteries are under 100 amp hours which is IATA approved as carry-ons (just not as cargo). 

Air France is being incredibly unhelpful, so if anyone is traveling from Paris to NYC anytime before May 1, please get in touch asap!

John Burgan

Jason - just click on Samantha's name / icon to get all her profile with all contact details

Liz Canner


Astrea Media, a non-profit organization dedicated to producing award-winning media projects on human rights issues, is seeking a talented editor to bring on board for its latest film, “Silent U.”, a documentary that chronicles student life issues on college campuses.  Our last documentary project was a New York Times "Critic’s Pick" and was broadcast on television in many countries and available on Netflix globally.

“Silent U.” , which is currently at the rough cut stage, was shot over a period of 4 years and follows a dynamic group of students, professors and administrators at an Ivy League university as they try to reveal and transform the hidden culture of rape, violence and misogyny that permeates their campus. The footage is mostly cinéma vérité with some experimental elements.  There’s a powerful storyline with charismatic, smart and witty characters. The documentary is for theatrical and television release.

The editing work would be full time and would start within the next month.  Editor should know Premiere.  Ideal candidate is responsible, creative, innovative, an excellent storyteller and has a good sense of humor. The position is paid and in New York City.  Editors with training in an editing program are preferred.  Links to past work, along with a resume and references, are required to apply for the position.  

Interested applicants should send a resume, links, and references to




Lucia Duncan

Looking for an editor in Boston for 3-5 days - most likely May 4-6 and one additional day the following week.  The video is about the Flint water crisis and for a union convention.  I'd prefer to work with someone editing on Premiere, but would consider another platform.  Folks interested should email me with resume and link/s to clips.

Lucia Duncan

Looking for a cinematographer in the vicinity of Flint, Michigan for a one day shoot early next week.  The video is about the Flint water crisis and for a union convention.  If interested, please email me a resume and link/s to clips.

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