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Here's your chance to reach a broad public interested in documentaries. Get the (D-)Word out!

Please include a LOCATION. Spam will be deleted.

As this is a PUBLIC forum, it is also a good idea to write email addresses longhand (person[AT]d-word[dot]com)

Kyle Kelley

I'm selling my Sony EX3. I hate to part with the camera, but I just purchased an FS7 and can't justify keeping both.

Sony PMW EX3:
This has been my doc workhorse for the last couple years, and it's still in great shape. Only minor cosmetic damage -- all the buttons, switches, etc. are in working condition, the lens is flawless.

Cards and Batteries:
2 32GB SXS cards, 2 8GB SXS cards, 2 SDHC SXS Adapters (SDHC Cards not included)
1 Sony BP U60
1 Sony BP U30
1 Kapaxen BP U60

Shoulder Mount:
This can be used with or without the zacuto weight. I personally find the camera balances much better with the weight attached. I also have the original Sony shoulder piece as well, if that's your preference.

Sonnet Echo Pro ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt Adapter:
Significantly faster than transferring via USB 2.0. Saves a TON of time.

Laser cut pelican case, fits everything (shoulder mount needs to be removed to fit properly). Great if you have to check on a plane.
Portabrace: fits everything as is, good for carrying on flights.

Additional accessories: 
Original Sony battery charger/AC adapter
Sony remote
SXS USB 2.0 card reader
77mm UV filter


Asking $6500 for the whole kit, plus shipping. Offers welcome. Local delivery availble in NYC.

If interested, shoot me an email at 

Koen Suidgeest

Seeking multiple fixers.

I have been commissioned to do a documentary in five countries for ITVS about its WGLG program and am still looking for fixers in Peru, Bangladesh and India for fall shoots. I do not know the exact regions yet, but it would be helpful to get some first reliable contacts in those countries. Any lead appreciated! Thanks so much.  -Koen

koen [at] suidgeest [dot] com

Sheryl Haley

Hey everyone.  I'm seeking documentary trailer work.  I've been in the trailer business for 20 years.  I've recently opened my own company to move my focus to documentary and independent films.  Please reach out for more info.  You can see my work at and my FB page (has some more recent stuff)  Thanks!  

John Bohm

Hi Everyone-

I'm loooking for representaion for my next doc. ????  I live in LA and in NYC, but would love to connect with an agent out in LA.  I do hope to hear from you all soon.  

John Bohm

323 810 89971

Scott Hamilton Kennedy

- Looking for post production FALL intern - UNPAID/ College Credit. 

We are currently in post on a feature documentary gearing up for fall film festival deadlines.  

Things we're looking for: 

- interest in documentary post production

- has own MAC laptop

- has own transportation or can easily transport to Silverlake home office

- could commit for 3 months / could start late August


Please email if you are interested or have someone who might be interested that we should reach out to. 

Andrew Crane

Looking for filmmaker.  I recently optioned a book which tells a fascinating true story of the old west.  A cowboy is hired by a rancher to keep sheepmen off the cattle range during an 1895 range war.  When two sheepmen are found dead the cowboy is convicted of the crime on scant evidence and sentenced to hang.  He is saved from the gallows by last-minute reprieves on  two occasions.  Then two men confess to the crime, but due to a quirk in the law the cowboy cannot be granted a new trial. In the end he is freed when the state pardons him for a crime he did not commit.

I am writing a documentary script and am seeking historical photos and information but am not a filmmaker.  I am seeking a filmmaker to partner with.  If you love history and this project interests you please send me an email at and let's talk about it.

Andrew Crane

Maria Niro

Hello D-Woderes and Friends

I'm looking for a producer for my doc project "Un-War". To start I will  hire you as consultant and as writer and consult to help develop my project.  Un-War is a documentary about an art interventionist who creates works of art in public space all over the world. If you have experience working on docs focused on art and/or activism that would be helpful. I have filmed 60-70 % in four different ocuntries and I am looking to apply to some grnts but most importantly I need some mentoring so consulting would be the first step. Please email me at the link to the doc is my contact info is on the website as well. Have a nice Day


ellie bernstein

I am directing a film on a cult in NYC. I was a former member it is called Escape from Utopia. It is a winner. I need an experienced Producer who has worked with docs to help raise money and push the film forward-it is in late stage of development and have a lot of material. COntact ellie at and/or the D-word.

ellie bernstein

I am seeking a Producer for a completed film on Hebron, Palestine-it is narrated by Martin Sheen. I nend a producer who can push it through difficult markets for Palestinian films. SOmeone familiar with streaming wouldbe great-it is a geat film and needs a broad audience. It takes a strong political opinion and can change people hearts and minds. ellie

Mikal Jakubal

Animator needed for feature doc.

The film is about the newly-restored anti-nuke protest boat Golden Rule. A group of activists attempted to sail into the Marshall Islands in 1958 to protest atmospheric atomic bomb testing there. Their protest was world news at the time and was the inspiration for Greenpeace's founding voyage to protest a similar bomb test on Amchitka Island, Alaska in 1971.

After many changes of ownership, the boat ended up neglected and sunk in Humboldt Bay. It has now been restored by the Vets For Peace and is about to set sail as a new peace/protest boat. I've been filming the restoration process for 3-1/2 years.

The original captain, Albert Bigelow, wrote a book about the protest and also drew sketches. I plan to incorporate his original sketches and animate them while using passages from his book as narration. The animations will be used to provide unique visual interest where there are no photos or video and to jump back and forth in time between the current-day story of the boat and the story from 1958 protest. 

I need someone who can imitate the drawing style reasonably accurately, starting with the stills and making them come alive. I want to start with a short animation or two for the trailer, with the rest of the work to be determined in the edit room later, depending on what the story requires. 

Here are a few of the original drawings. Contact me through my profile page here if you're interested!

Tracy Nichole Cring

DP and Editor with ten years experience in Documentary Features, Doc-Shorts, and Trailers. I have salvaged many things thought lost, and elevated many projects beyond run of the mill. From PBS to the Emmys, to the Woodstock Film Festival, my work stands out as polished and modern. I look forward to working with some of the creatives here soon! 

See for yourself: 

Lee's 88 Keys Trailer  (Official Selection Woodstock Film Festival, Lake Placid Film Forum)

The Neighborhood That Disappeared  (Airing on PBS, The Hudson Valley International Film Festival, Kingston Film Festival, NYC Independent Film Festival)

Tracy Nichole Cring Reel (I shot and edited the footage. I can provide examples of interviews upon request.)

Melissa Hibbard

Good morning D-Worders,

I'm looking for a Fixer/Shooter and a Sound Recordist (both with gear or access to gear) in JAPAN - varous locations -  for a documentary project starting ASAP.  Any suggestions? recommendations?




Tessa Moran

I'm producing a video for an international development organization, and I'm looking for talented filmmaker crews working in or near the following international locations: Nepal, Liberia and the DRC.  Anyone working in those regions, or have recommendations of people who are?

Summers Henderson

In reply to Melissa Hibbard's post on Thu 23 Jul 2015:

 Sorry, no DP or sound recordist to recommend.  But I can recommend a translator.  I just started editing work on a Japan project, and the producer loved the translator who was there in the field with her.  He's a Japanese-American guy now living in Tokyo, fluent in Japanese.  And he's got experience as a producer on lots of shows, including documentaries.  Taro Goto.

Sarah George

posting here before i recycle 4x PDVM-32N DVCam tapes. give me a shout via email if you want them

sarah (at) worthydocs (dot) com

Oren Jacoby

Can anyone in the New York Cirty doc community recommend a good bookeeper familiar with handling a payroll service and film budgets? Please send names / contact to Thanks!

Ethan Steinman

Does anyone have any leads on an individual or business who'd be open to renting out a Sony FS700 for a day in late August? It doesn't have to have the 4K upgrade.

Ethan Steinman

As an update to my last post, I'm looking for that FS700 somewhere in the Seattle area.

ellie bernstein

My name is Ellie Bernstein, big track record for doc films need a Producer/advocate for a completed film on Hebron,Palestine (narrated by MArtin Sheen) and a new one on a cult in NYC. I was a member for 20 years. Need support, financing, a pat on the back. Look at my website-I can pay for the right person. If you are curious we can talk. I am located in ALbany NY but it can be long-distance with the right person.">


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