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167 Lavender Hall
Lavender Hall is a frequently funny and occasionally disquieting portrait of a residential care home

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Social Issues, Culture, Portrait, Contemporary Issues, and Human Interest


Lavender Hall is a feature documentary about a residential care home housing a wild bunch of irreverent residents with backgrounds from pianist to plastic surgeon. A family-run residential care home in an era of expanding corporate-run facilities, Lavender Hall is an anachronism. So too is its owner, Bill Kopec, with his drill sergeant-like approach to caring for residents. Founded and run by Bill’s mother in the seaside town of Wildwood, NJ, Bill struggled to keep his mother's dream alive after her death. After 48yrs of caring for incongruous residents, most from Ancora, the local psychiatric institution, Bill Kopec is closing Lavender Hall. With Bill now older than most residents, and no family member willing to take over, the home will be demolished to make way for condos. This dysfunctional family of 14 residents will be made homeless in 4 months unless their only advocates, Bill Kopec and his daughter Renée, can navigate the medical insurance labyrinth to find them new homes.


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Lisa Guidetti ... Producer/Director

Renee Kopec ... Co-Producer

Production Details

Prod. Co.

Jefferson Street Productions


United States


Wildwood, New Jersey

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